Georgetown Accelerated BSN Spring 2012 Entry

  1. Hello --

    Anyone else applying to Georgetown's Accelerated BSN Program, beginning Spring '12?

    - M
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  3. by
    Anyone interviewing this weekend?
  4. by   hascher
    I am interviewing this weekend
  5. by   FarminRN
    Best of luck to all of you!!!!
  6. by
    So how'd it go?
  7. by   bubblebat
    I applied and interviewed...haven't heard yet...going nuts with anxiety! Anyone else heard?!
  8. by   FarminRN
    Ditto! I hope we hear tomorrow. Like the wait seems like forever And I've been checking this thread for updates.
  9. by   hascher
    I know it does seem like forever. I have a friend in my pre-reqs and we are stressing out together. I hope we hear today - good luck to everyone!
  10. by   cassidygal
    I feel like I am going to break my computer or iphone because I CAN'T STOP checking my email!!

    How confident are people that we will hear in an email instead of via snail mail?
  11. by   bubblebat
    They said last week that they would email by the 15th of October! It's 5pm. I've checked my email all day long every 10 minutes. Despair!
  12. by   Darkwater205
    Today is the 14th. :-)
  13. by   bubblebat
    Thanks for the hope. I meant despair because tomorrow is Saturday and I doubt anyone will be working.
  14. by   cassidygal
    I've given up hope that we'll hear tonight, but it doesn't seem likely that we'll hear on a Saturday either. Do you think we will have to wait until Monday? That sounds like torture. I'm really hoping we'll hear about WHC on the same day! I'm so ready to figure out what the next few years will look like!