Georgetown Accelerated BSN Spring 2012 Entry

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    Hello --

    Anyone else applying to Georgetown's Accelerated BSN Program, beginning Spring '12?

    - M

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    Anyone interviewing this weekend?
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    I am interviewing this weekend
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    Best of luck to all of you!!!!
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    So how'd it go?
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    I applied and interviewed...haven't heard yet...going nuts with anxiety! Anyone else heard?!
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    Ditto! I hope we hear tomorrow. Like the wait seems like forever And I've been checking this thread for updates.
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    I know it does seem like forever. I have a friend in my pre-reqs and we are stressing out together. I hope we hear today - good luck to everyone!
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    I feel like I am going to break my computer or iphone because I CAN'T STOP checking my email!!

    How confident are people that we will hear in an email instead of via snail mail?
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    They said last week that they would email by the 15th of October! It's 5pm. I've checked my email all day long every 10 minutes. Despair!

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