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Any applicants to the Georgetown ABSN program for Fall 2011 out there? I have been reading old threads from last year and for applicants to Spring 2011, but it would be nice to have a place for Fall... Read More

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    Yes it did!

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    I just found out I got it too!! Was not expecting to hear back so quickly!
    In the financial aid part, it looks like part of the 80% maybe includes loans? is that right?
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    Yay!!! I got the WHC scholarship, too! I still can't believe that I got into Georgetown, let alone the fellowship program!

    I just signed my Enrollment Agreement form and will be dropping my deposit in the mail today. I am so relieved to have everything decided - I feel like I can breathe again
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    Quote from ntgibbs
    I have several questions, and I would be so appreciative if anyone could offer some insight.

    What degrees do you all have? Do you know if your previous degree makes/made a difference in your acceptance (do certain degrees get accepted over others or do they "add an edge")?

    Do you think that there was anything specifically about your application, essay, or transcript that may have given you the edge over the other applicants?

    If you received the scholarship, do you think that there was anything about your application, interview, essay, or simply your initial impression that may have given you an edge?
    Hi ntgibbs!

    I think Pokytrokyt did a great job answering a lot of your questions, but I figured I'd chime in for some additional perspective. Over the last two weeks I've had the pleasure of meeting some of my potential fellow students at the information session Georgetown sponsored for newly accepted students, and during the WHC interviews. I think I'm one of the "older" students (I'm 30) - it seems like most of the people I met are a few years younger than I am. We have degrees in all sorts of fields. I was an English major in my undergrad, started grad school in Public Policy and worked for the Department of Defense before deciding to do a 180 and go to nursing school.

    Everyone keeps saying that Georgetown looks at everyone in a holistic manner, and I really think that is 100% true. I barely had a 3.0 in my undergrad, but have done extremely well in my pre-reqs. I had good letters of recommendation and spent a lot of time doing volunteer work, which I think really helped me in my WHC interview. I think Pokytrokyt nailed it when he said that you need to have a good, honest answer as to why you want to be a nurse. I looked at the WHC interview more as a job interview - the nurses that run the program will essentially be your coworkers for 3 years, and they want to see if you'll be a good fit with them. I was really nervous about the 3 year commitment, but after touring the hospital and meeting the staff and current/former scholars, I knew I would be happy there if I got in. (Which I did - I found out yesterday and I'm so excited!)

    I think the most important thing in your applications (wherever you go) is to be as honest as you can about who you are and where you want to go with your degree. We're all the same in that we've started careers or finished school in one area and decided to transition into nursing - but we all have our own unique reasons for doing it. Being able to define that for admissions committees and proving that you're dedicated to it is what they're looking for. At least in my humble opinion. There is a lot of stiff competition out there. I didn't get in to my first choice (UVA) but I'm really glad that things worked out the way they did.

    Best of luck with your applications!
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    Congrats everybody!!
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    We should make a Facebook group...does anybody know how?
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    That's a great idea. My cohort did that. Take a look (it's wide open) on FB.

    Georgetown University Spring 2010 ABSN
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    I received the scholarship as well! I am very excited! We should definitely start a fb page....
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    I received the scholarship too! Congrats to everyone else, as well!

    And yes, we should create a fb group, except we need to friend each other first because fb won't allow a one person group lol...
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    If anyone wants to add me on fb, just search my name "Jae rock shim" and add me so I can give you the link to our cohort's fb group

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