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    I am interested in getting my bachelor's degree. I've been looking at UTA, but they require alot of Prerequisites, and I want to be a nurse not an English or Math major. They require Algebra which I failed twice in HS. I've also looked at Texas Tech. They don't require as many prerequisites (definitely NO algebra,) however they require Chemistry. Two things I do NOT do, is Algebra and Chemistry.

    Does GCU require prerequisites? I don't think they do, I haven't found a hint of any, but if someone who goes there could tell me for sure and also how do you like it? Thanks for the help.

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    Chemistry is a requirement for every nursing program I have ever looked at and is a requirement at GCU. I am finishing my pre-reqs and applying there this Fall.
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    There is a lot of algebra and basic science that needs to be known by nurses.... Which is why it is a requirement. I don't know a nursing program that doesn't require either
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    oklahoma wesleyan does not. Its 18 months but 20k
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    GCU does require prerequistes, but they don't really post them up on their site. It's kind of a pain but you need to speak with someone over the phone and they'll send you the list of what they require. It's pretty standard stuff like A&P, pathophysiology, algebra, etc.

    Good luck!

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