Fort Lauderdale,FL-RN Evening Classes

  1. I am diligently attempting to find a RN nursing school in the South FL area that offers evening and/or weekend classes. I have a young daughter and have to work full time but I really need to get back into school. Broward College and Miami Dade are excellent schools but I do not have my pre-req and Iam searching for a nursing program that I can start right away. I am contemplating on attending Dade Medical College , but after some reasearch on this site it doesn't seem like a smart option and it is not regionally accredited but its te only school that I have come across so far that will allow me to work and go to school.

    I know I just typed a mouth full , but all help -if any , is greatly apprecieated right now.
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  3. by   FutureRN32
    Have you look into Allied Health Institute ?
  4. by   allforAmiria
    I have looked into that school , I just have to first verify if they offer evening classes, thank you formentioning it though because I almost forgot about it.
  5. by   FutureRN32
    Yes they offer classes in the evening classes/weekend, you take most of your classes online
  6. by   pookyp
    Have you picked a school yet OP?
  7. by   Carolina Southpaw
    Broward College has a great nursing program with very strong clinical experiences. There should be pre-req classes available at alternative times. I know there was years ago when I went there. I am finishing my MSN at WGU and loved that program. I don't think they have clinicals available in FL for those that are not currently licensed though. I would check with them and see if they have a time-frame for when they will because those opportunities are expanding greatly. In the meantime, you could complete pre-req with Broward. Your other choice is to find online courses that you can do and transfer into a nursing program later. Hope that helps and best of luck!