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So I decided to start a thread for the Fall 2017. Any current/prospective student on here? What GPA did you have when you applied and how competitive is the selection process? If you don't mind... Read More

  1. by   starbucksandpink
    Has anyone receive an Emory email address yet? I'm trying to join the 2017 cohort FB page but I need an Emory email! Troubleshoot??
  2. by   NPWant2be
    The FB cohort page just needs a facebook account. I created that group. Just search for EMORY ABSN/MSN Starting Summer 2017 Cohort.

    Quote from starbucksandpink
    Has anyone receive an Emory email address yet? I'm trying to join the 2017 cohort FB page but I need an Emory email! Troubleshoot??
  3. by   enic3
    Is anyone else still waiting on a decision? I am still waiting. I have all green x's. Applied September 29th. I have a 3.84 for my nursing pre-req GPA (including nutrition) and a 3.56 cumulative for my bachelors. GRE was waived. Do the notify you if you didn't get in or only if you are accepted/waitlisted?
  4. by   NPToBe1
    For accepted students, I had a change and my OPUS shows my financial aid now. Not as much as I expected... has anyone else's come up?
  5. by   raellagr
    @NPToBe1, same.... so I guess we're somehow expected to scramble to figure out how to cover the rest of the total cost for the summer session??
  6. by   NPWant2be
    I'm wondering too as to where I can find the rest of the money to cover for tuition that is not private loan....
  7. by   AmaniNurse
    I was told that the Merit Based Scholarships will be released mid-January. I hope hat gives you some encouragement. I know I am trying to keep hope alive as well.
  8. by   kar322
    Does anyone know if they're still on track to release decisions by January 15th? I applied before the December 15th deadline, but my GRE still has a red X by it (I have above a 3.5 so theoretically it should be waived). I'm a little worried given that we're theoretically supposed to hear by the 15th. Would love any advice! Thanks!
  9. by   emorynursing
    Hello ! I answered this question on a similar forum regarding Emory Nursing life, so I felt like this was a perfect opportunity for his response here:
    - Emory Nursing is more of a collaborative and supportive environment, than a competitive one. Nursing students are experiencing the same struggles and opportunities, so we have found it better to help each other out during the process, rather than try to out do each other.[/FONT]
    - The Emory campus is basically in the heart of Atlanta. We are about 15 minutes from the Midtown and Downtown areas of Atlanta. We are also near Virginia Highlands, Decatur, Kirkwood and Little Five Points- all which provide awesome events, parks, restaurants, shopping, and social opportunities for Emory students. There over 300+ student organizations, 20+ greek life organizations, and numerous Atlanta based activities and events going on in and around Emory. We have a great shuttle system that our campus provides as well as a public transportation system (Marta) and Uber access that allows students to venture out and around the city.
    - In the nursing program, the biggest class I have had is about 160 people (which essentially was my entire cohort). My smallest has been about 20-25 students. Most classes have 1-2 professors assigned to organizing and teaching our material. Also, we have courses that have TAs that can meet up with students and talk through material when we need it (some of them have even been previous nursing students)!
    - Best part about Emory Nursing: the opportunities we have to enhance our education. Our curriculum is uniquely designed to make strong nurse leaders and communicators in the medical field. Our faculty and staff work really hard to make sure that our experiences are fun, educational, and challenging, so that when we do graduate, we are more than prepared for what the medical arena has to offer us.This institution has definitely offered me more than just an education. Blue and gold will always run through my veins
    - Worst part about Emory Nursing: just like with any institution, there are some areas of the academic experience that can be improved. I would say, personally, my biggest challenge has been organization. There have been times where it seems like all of our coursework, clinical rotations, and/or examinations all run together or get super stacked up all at once. This can be really challenging to work through especially when everything is due at the same time. In my first two semesters, I learned (the hard way) a lot about time management and what my personal strengths and weaknesses were as far as study habits. Regardless, nursing school is challenging. It truly pushes you, but grows you at the same. Throughout the process, you have to work through what works for you! Everybody's experience is different. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed my time here and wouldn't have traded it for anything else in this world!

    - After graduation opportunity: Based on last years statistics, 60% of students are warded job placements before graduation and then 100% of students are guaranteed with jobs after graduation. Many stay in the Atlanta area, but a few still go back to their homes states/countries to seek job opportunities. Emory opens a lot of doors and flexibility to the job market for students.
  10. by   emorynursing
    Hello! For students with questions about their financial aid packets:

    We had a high influx of applicants for both of our priority deadlines, so our staff is diligently working with the Admission Committee to organize and complete all of our admitted students' financial aid packets. We appreciate your patience and hope to get them out to everyone soon!

    My best advice for looking for additional funding would be to check out HRSA- Nurse Corp Scholarship Program and the Johnson and Johnson website! They both offer numerous opportunities for nursing student scholarships.

    The admission staff should start releasing decision letters on January 15th. If you have any questions about your application or the admission process, do not hesitate to contact our office!
  11. by   dancer24ish
  12. by   henanp83
    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum, I have also been accepted to the ABSN+MSN 2017 program. I can't remember which specialty I chose, but looking at the specs about AGAC program I noticed it said that effective fall 2012 only RNs with acute care experience would be allowed in the program. So am I to understand that only the FNP option is available for this program? Also, I will be moving from Michigan, can the Georgia natives recommend places to live with reasonable rent, close to school (I will be bringing my car) and overall safe? Thanks!
  13. by   dancer24ish
    I was just waitlisted! I'm so excited.
    Can you let me know approx how many waitlisted people ending up attending from previous years!?