El Camino College Nursing Fall 2017 - page 4

Hi all, I have applied for fall 2017 program at El Camino College. I actually applied for Spring 2017, I was selected as an alternate and did not make it. Hopefully, I can get in this time. Anyone... Read More

  1. by   Dream2bnRN
    I haven't received anything from them. At least you are aware of your status with them. A friend of mine who also applied told me that she received the same letter. I've received nothing from them.
    Thanks for the update.
  2. by   gingerbreadgirl
    Hi guys. Thank you for the updates. I still haven't heard anything from them. I think my points was also around anywhere from 40 to 45 before TEAS and I didn't do good with TEAS.
  3. by   gingerbreadgirl
    Does anyone hear from Elco? Well, I don't. I am wondering if they lost my application.
  4. by   Dream2bnRN
    Lol. I haven't.
  5. by   gingerbreadgirl
    awww, thanks for the update, Dream2bnRN. I am trying to prepared for anything.....
  6. by   Dream2bnRN
    I totally understand from the look of things I don't think I'll be getting in this year.
  7. by   gingerbreadgirl
    Yes...I am feeling the same way. I don't think I will get in this year again.
  8. by   Dream2bnRN
    Did u apply to other schools? They all seem to be heavily impacted this application season.
  9. by   gingerbreadgirl
    No, I only applied to ElCamino college this time. I will apply to couple of colleges next time.
  10. by   gingerbreadgirl
    I again called the nursing department today. The lady told me " What's your name? You still have to wait." So they are STILL choosing.
  11. by   Dream2bnRN
    Did you send in your teas transcript immediately after they sent out the first letter? I did. I wonder if there will be a second teas date or are they making their final decisions. They usually sent out final decisions around the end of the semester. I cannot imagine that they're still schooling for the second teas.
  12. by   gingerbreadgirl
    I did not send my TEAS score to Elco. I just put my score on the application and mentioned it that I took the test last November at El Camino compton center. I really hope they are making final decision by now.
  13. by   gingerbreadgirl
    I still have not heard anything from them. Has anyone received acceptance letter from them? Are they going to have an orientation on June 2 for the people who accepted?