ECPI University July 2018 ABSN

  1. Hey guys, I'm thinking of applying to ECPI in Orlando for the Summer. Has anyone applied or been accepted yet?
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  3. by   ashleyjordan_061014
    I am going to apply to the July 2018 program. I don't think they have started reviewing applications yet but i'm not positive. Priority deadline is March 23. I believe she told me they start reviewing after that.
  4. by   ashleyjordan_061014
    Can I ask what your stats are? I am a little worried about mine. I take the TEAS next week. My GPA is right at a 3.0 and I am expecting my science to be around a 3.3. I am finishing up courses this semester.
  5. by   JennaAnn23
    I take the TEAS on Sat. and my cumulative GPA is 2.8 and my science is a 3.3 but after I do these last two prerequisites, hopefully it will be higher.
  6. by   ashleyjordan_061014
    Good luck! Are you applying to other schools? I am only applying to ECPI. I just turned 32 and I have 3 children. My husband works at the space center so there is no option to move and go somewhere else. What is your first degree in?
  7. by   JennaAnn23
    Hey, yeah I'm applying to a few other programs! And my degree is in Sociology. What have you heard about ECPI so far?
  8. by   ashleyjordan_061014
    I have heard good things. I visited the campus a couple of weeks ago. I took my TEAS there and was able to speak to admissions. It is a small school but it seemed very efficient. I am looking forward to going there if I get accepted
  9. by   SinghAnna
    Hey Guys!! I too will also be applying to the July 2018 program. I am in the process of getting up all the requirements for admission and is PRETTY excited to start. If any past students have any tips for our survival, do share