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Does anyone have any experience with the Drexel University online MSN programs? I am specifically interested in the contemporary nursing faculty program and the acute care NP program. With the NP program, any info on scheduling... Read More

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    Quote from mtsteelhorse
    I'm interested in the PMHNP program also. Anyone have information about their program?
    Just found out I got accepted into their PMHNP program. Did you ever get any information or start the program yet???
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    Wow! Congratulations! I have applied for Spring 2013. When do you start? I'm supposed to know by mid July. I hear competition is pretty tight so good job! Are you going to attend? I get a little nervous about grad school, working FT, and juggling life. What are your plans? Feel free to PM me. I really want to connect with another PMHNP student. Keep me posted!
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    Was your application deadline June 1st illcleff or sometime in May?