Drexel University ACE Spring 2010

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    Hello all,
    I just received a letter from Drexel saying that my application for the ACE program is now complete and Iím waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone else here is applying for the same program and received an acceptance letter already? I'm trying to be patient but I wish I knew how long it will take...

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    I also applied to the ACE program for Spring 2010. I was wondering when they are going to make a decision...or when do we get a letter saying which pre-reqs are still needed?

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    How many pre-reqs have you completed? I applied with English Comp, Chemistry, A&P I and II, Sociology, Psychology and Microbiology. The rest I'm taking over the summer and fall. Did they send you a letter stating that your application is complete and you are now waiting for a decision?
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    I just talked to them and they said they are waiting for my Spring 2009 semester transcripts. When that is sent then I will have completed English, Sociology, Pyschology, Dev. Pysch, A & P I, Microbiology, Computers, and possibly Statistics. I should only have to complete Chemistry, Nutrition, Ethics, and A & P II which I am completing this summer and fall. I am unsure if they will accept my Statistics because I didn't receive an actual letter grade for it only a PASS grade. Have you applied anywhere else? Do you know when they make their acceptances?

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    Jen, you already took Dev. Psych. and Statistics? I’m taking these classes in the summer. Are they hard classes? I also applied at UMDNJ and NJCU. I applied at UMDNJ for Stratford campus for this summer but that was before I realized that I’m not going to be able to complete Statistics. I will reapply again once I complete Statistics in July. They accept three times per year. I also sent an application to NJCU two weeks ago, but they haven’t cashed my check for the application fee yet, so I’m not quite sure what is going on. I’ll wait a few more days and I’ll call them. I’m really impatient to hear from somewhere because I was accepted into the nursing program for this fall at MiddlesexCC but I’m not sure I want to go there. Why going fot RN when I can be BSN for the same amount of time and effort?! My tuition is due the end of July and I’m afraid to miss on the opportunity without knowing whether I’ll be accepted at any of those schools. I’m hoping I’ll receive an acceptance from Drexel soon so I can relax and forget about the community college program.I wish I knew when they will start sending decision letters.
    Have you applied anywhere else?
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    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has received word yet? I sent my application in a few months ago, but just handed them my transcripts today (in person). He said it would take about 4 weeks to hear something, but it may be sooner since they were dropped off they won't be getting shuffled around with the mail. So I was just wondering if anyone has heard back yet, and if so, how long did it take?
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    I received a letter stating that my application is complete about 3 weeks ago. I havenít received my official admission letter yet but they sent me my financial aid summary letter (via e-mail) and the firs sentence sais ďCongratulations on your admission to Drexel University!ĒÖsooo Iím one happy camper right now. I e-mailed them back and they confirmed that I am admitted and I should receive my admission letter soon.
    CocoBelly, how many pre-reqs have you completed?
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    Congrats BibaBibba!!!! That is very exciting! Are you thinking you will go to Drexel instead of the other places you've applied??

    I have 7 pre-reqs complete. I'm nervous bc my undergrad was awful, but I've maintained a 4.0 in my pre-reqs. If they count the last 60 hours of coursework, I should be good with over a 3.0 (based on my own calculations, but not sure how they do it)
    The pre-reqs from my undergrad are both English courses, and Computers. My other completed pre-reqs (from CCP) are Chemistry, A&P I, Sociology, and Psychology. I'm taking A&P II and Micro this summer and then rest in the Fall.

    I'm also a certified EMT, and I just left a msg for Fran to find out if there is any information I should be providing on that in case it is helpful in any way. The lady in admissions sounded very excited about that question bc she said no one has ever asked that before and she thought it was a really great question. Ha! So I'm hoping it will be helpful in some way.
    So we shall wait and see!! I'm extremely nervous.
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    Iím not quite sure whether Iíll choose Drexel yet. I like the school and also it offers the shortest program in the country but on the other side I have seven more pre-reqs to complete before I start the program vs. only one for UMDNJ and two for NJCU. If I get accepted to UMDNJ or NJCU I probably will choose them, just to save myself the time and money to take all of those prerequisites that Drexel requires. Also, I think UMDNJ and NJCU are a little cheaperÖbut like I said I have to wait and see where Iíll be admitted first before I make my decision.
    I think itís really good that you are an EMT. Even if they are not very happy with your GPA the EMT experience might convince them to accept you.
    What kind of English classes do you have from your previous degree? They say 3 credits English(composition) and 3 credits English(literature). I donít know if they will accept English Composition I and II, do you know anything about that?
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    My Englishes are:
    ENGL 110 Critical Reading and Writing
    ENGL 410 Technical Writing
    ENGL 207 Intro to Poetry

    So, 110 was the mandatory one that everyone took, so I'm thinking that will count, and if not I have the writing one that should count for comp and then maybe the poetry one will count for lit?

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