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Hello all, I just received a letter from Drexel saying that my application for the ACE program is now complete and I'm waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone else here is applying for the... Read More

  1. by   Hanool
    CocoBelly, i def don't think it would hurt to apply to jefferson, if you apply by their first review (9/15 deadline) you should hear something by october 20, but it does suck that you have to give Drexel a deposit within 60 days.

    Thanks all for the support and encouragement regarding the ACE program and Nursing. I hope I will hear from Drexel soon in regards to my application! I shall def keep you updated!
  2. by   AugustRain
    Quote from CocoBelly
    Thanks BibaBibaa!!! I'm so glad I finally got my acceptance, but lately I have only heard bad things about the program... mainly just how tough it is to stay in the program... apparently if you fail just one class (fail= below a C) you are automatically kicked out. Also, there is some confusion on the HESI's and I've heard you must pass with a 95 (or 9.5? I don't know the grading scale) and you only have 7 chances to take it, otherwise you are not awarded a BSN. You can also take it only once each semester (?) so if you do fail, it could take up to 2 years to be awarded a BSN before you can even sit for the NCLEX. Apparently Jefferson only requires an 80% pass? I dont know, this all makes me very nervous!

    AugustRain, I know you have been through the program already and like it, (I've read another Drexel thread), can you shed some light on this for us newbies?

    I'm almost finished the program, six more weeks to go! It is intense and time consuming and difficult, but I think that's pretty much just nursing school. The hardest part is that we do it in 11 months. ACE isn't right for everyone, but it works for me. No matter where you go, you're not going to please everyone all the time. Even within our class, when students give feedback, about half the class usually supports it, while the other half wants something different. It also seems like the faculty does make adjustments based on student input, so I think it's important to speak up if you have something to say - they can only use the information that's presented. There's good and bad parts, but overall, I'm happy with it.

    As far as making it through the program, I really don't think we've lost a ton of people. If you fail a class (below 76%), you're allowed to re-take it with the cohort behind you, but you only get one chance. We take HESIs throughout the program - one at the end of each clinical course and one at the end of Pharm II. These all factor in as essentially a quiz grade for the particular course, so there's no required passing grade for these, you just need to pass the course as a whole. The comprehensive "exit" HESI is taken as a part of Senior Seminar 4th quarter. You need either a raw score of 950 OR an 87% (scores are based on difficulty level of the questions). If you happen to fail the comprehensive HESI twice, then you remediate the following quarter and try again. It seems intimidating, but our class was told that exactly zero ACE students have ever failed every attempt at the HESI.

    Hope that answers some of your questions!
  3. by   hiddencatRN
    AugustRain- thank you so much for your input on Drexel, in this thread and others. Your advice, perspective and info on the program have really been invaluable and confidence inspiring for me! I'm looking forward to starting in the fall
  4. by   BibaBibaa
    Thanks a lot AugustRain!!! After reading your thread I feel definitely a lot more confident. The only thing that worries me is the commute to clinicals. I live 60 miles away from Drexel...do you think that commuting and coping with the demands of the program is something achievable or I'll be shutting my self in the foot later? Do you know people who're commuting or everybody lives on or close to campus?
  5. by   CocoBelly
    Thank you AugustRain, as others have mentioned, your input is greatly appreciated and so incredibly helpful!! It's nice to hear a different perspective from you rather than everyone who complains about the program!
  6. by   AugustRain
    Glad I could help.

    BibaBibaa, most of the people I know don't live on campus. It takes me about 45 mins to get to school, but some friends live much further away. Clinicals are a toss up. My commute has been anywhere from 10 mins to 2 hours. You'll have to figure out what works for you...I know some people like being able to study/read on the train coming into class, but I'd rather drive. I almost always carpool (I have a car), and people are good at working out solutions when clinical is far away (staying with classmates, etc).
  7. by   lhtanyu
    I'm panicking- I have to take A&P II (Bio110) at Philadelphia community college but when I tried to register- they don't have any more seats left! Does anyone know if seats open up after a certain date?
  8. by   AugustRain
    I'm not familiar with Philadelphia CC, but I'd check with your adviser and find out what the add/drop policy is. They probably also have the option to be "signed in" to a class by the professor - each school usually has a form that allows an individual professor to override the registrar's limit...some profs are more liberal about doing so than others, but your adviser (or other students) should know which tend to allow it.

    If you really need to complete it by a certain deadline & won't make it, I'd suggest taking it at another CC in the area. Good luck!
  9. by   CocoBelly
    lhtanyu, try contacting the head of the biology dep't, her name is Linda Powell. Her email is lpowell@ccp.edu
    She has the ability to unlock all the classes and add you in if it's possible.
    Email her and tell her your situation, how you've applied to this program and must complete this one course by Feb. She also teaches A&P II, I had her for Summer I. So you could even ask if she could fit you into her class or something.
    Doesn't hurt to try!!
    Good luck!
  10. by   Hanool
    I just received my provisional acceptance letter!!~
    Does anyone know what the next step is? I was surprised that it came in such a small envelope with only the acceptant letter and prerequisite evaluation form.
  11. by   nanagose
    Quote from AugustRain
    The comprehensive "exit" HESI is taken as a part of Senior Seminar 4th quarter. You need either a raw score of 950 OR an 87% (scores are based on difficulty level of the questions).
    This is key!!! An 87% on a HESI is not the same as an 87% on a regular test. You can get several questions wrong (out of 55) and still walk away with a 99% on the HESI subject tests. So appearances can be very misleading when it comes to HESI scores.

    The exit HESI requirement is a thorny issue for some, but I like it. I've heard of scenarios where nursing students at other schools get their BSN and then cannot pass NCLEX, rendering their degree pretty much useless. The exit HESI reassures me that Drexel won't "let me go" until they know I'll be a competent grad nurse able to pass boards.

    I know a fair amount of people that have dropped or will pick up with the next cohort - some from failing classes, others because they couldn't deal with the demands of the program (ie, they HAD to work and most people could never do both), but a lot of it is about being honest with yourself about your study habits/time management skills and being willing to buckle down when you get here. Overall, I'd second AugustRain - my experience has been generally positive.
  12. by   CocoBelly
    Thanks so much for your input Nanagose! I feel better knowing that some people actually do prefer their way of doing it, and hopefully most of us will too.

    Hanool, if you haven't already, you should be getting a large envelope with more information in it.. it says "Congratulations on your Acceptance" really big on the outside of the folder. That was the first one I received, before the little letter, ha! I was pretty excited. Then once you pay your tuition deposit, they will send you a new student packet with the next steps. I just received that and briefly peeked in to find vaccination forms, fafsa info, etc.

    I'm getting excited!! I wish it wasn't 6 months away!
  13. by   Hanool
    Thanks CocoBelly, I recently received the welcome packet as well!!~ very exciting!! Thanks to all for the helpful information, I hope we're all prepared for the intense 11 months of this program!