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Hello all, I just received a letter from Drexel saying that my application for the ACE program is now complete and I知 waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone else here is applying for the same program and received an... Read More

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    I took statistics during a regular semester and it nearly killed me :-P It's a hard subject, and my professor was....well. One of my classmates dropped after the first test and was able to get in to another section and I should have followed her lead. I'll leave it at that. :-P :-P :-P

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    Hi! Yeah I'm taking Micro for the second summer session as well. I'm just going to have to do the best I can.. I've decided I'm also going to photocopy all of my EMT certification stuff and send that along with a letter as well. Just doing everything I can..
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    Yeah, hopefully they will take all that into a considerationI think if you get an A and a B in those two you値l make the cut.
    Enjoy the weekendI知 working all weekend long
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    Hi again cocobelly,
    I'm currently in an A&P class with an MD who does the same thing, I just figured I'd always study the diseases involved because she loves to ask about those on tests!
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    I havent received the letter which tells exactly which prerequisite courses I need to take- does anyone know how long that takes for them to mail that out? Also, I applied to the philadelphia community college in order to take those classes but I havent heard back from them yet and I mailed my application two weeks ago. Should I call?
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    I'm taking my classes at CCP right now, and I never "applied", i just registered for classes in person... i guess when i was there i probably filled out an application, but i was able to get all of it done in one day by going there in person. I'd say just call them and ask them A) if they have recieved your applicaiton and if your name is in their system, because they give you an ID number that they call a "J number" and B) when registration begins for new students for Fall semester (or whatever you are applying for)
    What classes do you need to take? I could tell you which ones they are at CCP.
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    Hey CocoBelly, how is it going?:wink2:
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    Hi! I have 2 more weeks of class left and Drexel is looking closer than ever! I've taken 2 lecture exams and 1 lab exam so far and my average is 97! Lets hope I can keep it up through the lecture/lab finals! At this point, I need to get a combined score of 160 on both of those to keep my A. Actually less, because I've handed in extra credit that I am estimating will add me about 10 points. So we'll seeeeee..!!!!

    Thanks for checking in! I hope work and classes are going well for you too!
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    Hi, that's great! I'm glad things are working out for you. So, they told you if you get an A in A&P you're in?
    So far I'm doing good too...I had two projects (got A's in both) and one exam (I don't know the grade yet), but I still have two more exams by the end of the semester, so we'll see...anyway, I'm not stressing too much over it. At this point as long as I pass I'm happy
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    yep, they told me if I get an A, then I'm in. Then I can be in your boat and just worry about passing the rest of my pre-reqs!

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