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Hello all, I just received a letter from Drexel saying that my application for the ACE program is now complete and I'm waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone else here is applying for the... Read More

  1. by   AugustRain
    It's because the Drexel school year goes from Sept (2009)-Sept (2010)...so if you're starting in March 2010, it's still considered part of the 2009-2010 academic year.
  2. by   Hanool
    Hi all!~ congratulations on your acceptance. I recently applied for the spring 2010 semester and I just spoke with Tina yesterday in regards to the status of my application. She says that its in review..I'm so worried and feeling anxious and discouraged. I just had my summer 1 grades sent over to help with the decision making process. I graduated with a 3.4 but the grades from my first college weren't very good. How long did it take you guys to hear back?
  3. by   blondiemcd24

    The waiting period is the worst. But, I think you should find out soon. I actually applied at the end of June and heard 2 days ago. So, hopefully you will hear relatively quickly as well! I know that my application wasn't reviewed until they received the transcript from the school where I was taking prerequisite courses because I listed I had attended two universities (the one where I got my BS and the one where I am taking classes now). Good luck!!

    Are you applying anywhere else? I am very torn. I am so excited to have been accepted (provisionally), but I am a little freaked out that I need to let them know within 60 days whether I will be attending. I was planning on still applying to other schools. I really need to go have a tour of Drexel to learn more about the program.
  4. by   Hanool
    Hi blondiemcd24~
    Thanks for the words of encouragement Seriously, the waiting period is the absolute worst!! i've been buggen out because it seems like SO MANY people are applying to nursing schools and there's such limited spots, and financing a 2nd degree is another LOOONNNGGG, stressful story right there ^^
    Yeah, I hear that Drexel requires a $500 deposit; I went to their open house last month, and i believe that most of your time will be spent doing clinicals all over the delaware area. They were really emphasizing that you needed a car. I'm also applying to Jefferson and West Chester. What about you?
  5. by   blondiemcd24
    Hi Hanool,

    I was wondering about the car situation. I am going to need to buy a car I guess... I am a little concerned about financing school as well! I applied as a commuter student because I am tired of dorm style housing. Would you be living on campus?

    Do you know how big the admitted class is?

    I applied to Villanova and am planning on applying to Thomas Jefferson. I was also thinking of applying to UPenn and NYU, although I am hearing a lot of negative feedback about NYU -- and it's really expensive.
  6. by   Hanool
    Im not sure on how big the admitted class is for drexel. I think jefferson admits approx 100 students though. In regards to the car situation, if you dont want to commit to buying a car, im sure there will be ways to car pool with other students. I am also commuting from home. The directors at drexel also advised that there is no advantage of Living on campus. I hear upenn has an awesome program, hows villanova's? I should look into that. Whats your first choice school?
  7. by   blondiemcd24

    I have heard a lot of good things about Villanova's program. However, I have read some mixed reviews about it online, but I am not sure how factual they are. The campus is beautiful and they just built the new nursing building in 2008.

    I do not know that much about UPenn's program.

    I requested information from UPenn, Drexel, Jefferson, and Villanova, but have only seen Villanova's campus (not the new nursing building though). I need to take tours of all of them to make a better decision. As of now, I don't really have a first choice - they are all pretty level. I am waiting to visit all of them and hopefully get wowed or fall in love with one of the schools.

    What about yourself? Are you leaning towards one school?
  8. by   CocoBelly
    Thanks BibaBibaa!!! I'm so glad I finally got my acceptance, but lately I have only heard bad things about the program... mainly just how tough it is to stay in the program... apparently if you fail just one class (fail= below a C) you are automatically kicked out. Also, there is some confusion on the HESI's and I've heard you must pass with a 95 (or 9.5? I don't know the grading scale) and you only have 7 chances to take it, otherwise you are not awarded a BSN. You can also take it only once each semester (?) so if you do fail, it could take up to 2 years to be awarded a BSN before you can even sit for the NCLEX. Apparently Jefferson only requires an 80% pass? I dont know, this all makes me very nervous!

    AugustRain, I know you have been through the program already and like it, (I've read another Drexel thread), can you shed some light on this for us newbies?

  9. by   Hanool
    hi blondiemcd24,
    yeah villanova has a nice campus in a great area of pa, are you from the area or planning to make a move to phila for school? Taking tours of each school is a great idea to narrow down your choices. At this rate, i'll go to whatever school accepts me!!
    The drexel program does intimidate me abit, I hear it's really stressful, but I guess all of the accelerated 2nd degree programs will be like that.

    Good luck to all thats getting ready for the program!!!
  10. by   BibaBibaa
    Hi CocoBelly! I feel the same way you feel. At first I only worried about getting that acceptance letter but once I got it the reality hit me and I started looking into everything else that comes afterwards. As much as I want this, I feel very unsure whether I can do it or not. I've heard that Drexel's program is one of the toughest accelerated programs out there! What scares me the most is the clinical locations. I live so far from the school to begin with, if they send me to Delaware I have no clue what I am going to do...I'll be traveling for hours every day and I'll have no time left to study. Unfortunately, Drexel is my only option for now. I didn't get accepted at NJCU, which I expected, because the program starts this fall and I don't even have all of the pre-reqs yet. I'm still waiting for an answer from UMDNJ but I feel very skeptical because they require the ridiculous 95 in TOEFL and I got 92, so this option is out most likely too. I never considered Jefferson before but I think I might apply there as well. I don't know what to do anymore...it's just too much money to lose if you fail. I don't want to see myself next year at this time with no job, no degree and 20-25G in debt...It's scary!! For now I'm just trying to be positive and think that I'll not be the first or the last who's doing this...there're plenty of people who've done it before and have succeeded so I hope I will too...ahhh, we shall see...
  11. by   blondiemcd24
    Hi Hanool,

    I actually went to Villanova for my undergrad. I loved the school and would love to go back.

    I currently work in NYC, so I will definitely be relocated.

    I know how you feel about the intimidation factor of the Drexel program. But, all of the programs are going to be intensive. But, as BibbaBibba has voiced concern as well -- the distance to clinicals might make things even more difficult. Although, from what I have heard nearly all of the programs require driving (sometimes lengthy drives) to clinical.

    But, I think we should all just keep in mind that if this is something we really want -- and I think we all do, we can figure a way to do it. Don't get discouraged yet!
  12. by   CocoBelly
    Blondie, you are absolutely right. If we want this badly enough, we can definitely make it through. And BibaBibaa, you are also right- we're not the only ones! People have done it before, and we can do it too.

    I dont think that you should worry so much about transportation to and from clinicals. The R2 runs from Philly to Newark, DE. Also, everyone is in the same boat with that one... so I'm sure they will encourage carpooling and I'm sure all the students really try to work that out together. I just don't think that should be the concern that makes your breaks your decision.

    I'm not sure about applying to Jefferson just because they require two letters of recommendation, an essay, an interview, and their pre-reqs are different. Ive already completed or am already signed up for all my pre-reqs according to Drexel, and I can't stand the thought that I did it all for no reason and wasted all that time and money! In addition, I don't want to get reco's and waste that time if I don't end up getting into Jefferson (I only have less than 60 days to let Drexel know if I'm attending and put in my deposit) Also, the program starts in the summer, which is a few months after the Drexel start, and I don't know what I will do with all that time in between (I would have 6 months between finishing my pre-reqs and starting the program with jefferson, vs, 2 months between with Drexel). It just makes more sense for me to stay at Drexel since I've already been accepted. But there is definitely that fear that all of this will be wasted time and money if I don't pass! I wonder if there are options for finishing it out with Drexel's co-op or other program, if you can't make it through the ACE.
  13. by   BibaBibaa
    That's a good point there CocoBelly! May be there are other options if you fail ACE.
    I'm still considering Jefferson though. Their prerequisites are pretty much the same, even less than Drexel's prerequisites, except for the extra 4 credits in Chemistry...and I have plenty of credits in Chemistry from my first degree so it doesn't really hurt for me to apply.