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Hello all, I just received a letter from Drexel saying that my application for the ACE program is now complete and Iím waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone else here is applying for the same program and received an... Read More

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    CocoBelly- my undergraduate was awful too with excellent prerequisite grades and I got in to Drexel. They sent me this teeny, tiny envelop and I was so sad opening it...only to find out they were just telling me (again) that my application was complete and under review. I got my acceptance packet a few weeks later.

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    oh that's good to know!! I feel better- but lets hope I'm not that odd exception. And knowing me, if I am, I will go back to them and grill them with WHY I wasn't accepted and ask them to lay it all out for me. haha. I can be a little crazy like that when I really want something!!

    and btw- congrats on your acceptance!! I'm excited to talk to more people attending the program as it gets closer. As much as I want it and hope I get in, I get nervous thinking about it and feeling alone in such a rough program.. so it makes me feel better to talk to everyone on here.. and it's also nice because every time there is a response on here and I get to write back- I get excited and it keeps me focused on the goal
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    They are similar! Glad there are people that understand that
    I'm doing the ACE program in the Fall. you're Spring?
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    If I get in, I'll be Spring. But I haven't received word yet.

    As for the science/design similarity... I think it has to do with maybe our analytical abilities.. good problem solving skills and our sheer curiosity and need/desire to understanding how things work....????
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    I think you're right about that! Well, I hope you get in! Maybe we will cross paths.
    Fran Englemann is super helpful if you still have questions, she helped me out a lot. I can hunt down her
    email if you need it, or you probably already have it
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    Yep! Fran was a huge help. They aren't the most organized over there, and I had handed my transcripts in person since I had read about their disorganization... however, they still managed to temporarily lose them. I spoke with her over the phone many times and she was always really understanding and calm, and never got super annoyed with my freaking out, haha, and she made it a priority to get it all under control.
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    Hi...ahh I started my statistics class this week and it's a mess...between work and school I don't have time for anything...it's not one of those fun classes either...
    CocoBelly, sorry for not answering your question earlier...no, I'm not from US (as you might have notised already from my writing) and my degree is in Bioengineering...
    Did you hear anything yet, or still waiting?
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    ha, i did not notice from your writing at all! usually i can tell that stuff pretty quick since my family is not from the US either, haha... but you have great English typing skills! And yeah, I am still waiting to find out.
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    Thanks, I'm trying...it's been 4 years since I'm here...where is your family from?
    WOW, I'm very surprised they are still keeping you waiting...I got my letter pretty quickly...you should be getting something soon!
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    My family is from India, however, I was bored and raised here in the good ol' US of A!
    Where are you from?

    It has really only been one week since Fran let me know that everything had been submitted for review. I may give a call today anyway to check in.

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