Drexel University accepted nursing BSN Co-op fall 2012

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    Hello I am new to allnurses. I've been browsing the forums and have failed to locate any topics about Drexel's nursing bsn co-op program. I am very curious as if anyone has been accepted to the program starting this fall 2012 new or transfer, or even students/nurses who completed the program and or still in the program. How are/were your experiences? If you are starting this fall like I am, I'd like to hear from you as well!!

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    hi! I just got accepted as a transfer. Starting this Fall! can't wait!
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    Firstly, congratulations!

    Secondly, what were your stats coming into the program? What was your GPA and do you know if Drexel will accept prereq's that are older than 10 years?

    I'm an LPN and have taken every prereq under the sun - they're just anywhere between 5 and 12 years old. I currently hold a 3.0 at a university I am attending and graduated LPN school with a 2.8.

    I'm worried Drexel won't accept me.

    Again, congratulations!!!
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    Thank you!

    I was trying to find some info on their website but unfortunately couldn't find anything.... Most of the nursing programs i looked at had a 3.0 requirement for admission. I'm pretty sure that your app will be taken into consideration with 3.0 so definitely give it a try, especially that the online application is free!

    I graduated from a Community College this january with 3.6 GPA. i was a pre-nursing major.

    i'm not sure about your pre-reqs... but call their admissions and they will answer all of your questions

    Also, this guy was very very helpful, he answerd all of my questions! here is his contact info:

    Fran Engelmann,Assistant Director
    Application Management (College of Nursing & Health Profession)
    Drexel University
    Enrollment Management
    3141 Chestnut Street, Main Bldg, Room 212
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
    Phone: 215-895-6731
    Fax: 215-895-1285
    email: fae22@drexel.edu
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    Hi i just applied like today!!! im trying to get in all my documents by april 1st , I have a 3.6 gpa as well do you have 2 more years left including the coop or the five year program?
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    btw what do you think my chances are its so late
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    Hello everyone I am new to this website I was an LPN since 2008 became
    RN today but want to start January 2013 my BSN any thoughts on a good college is Drexel University good. Could anyone give me some advise. Thank you
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    @ lauranurselaura, no problem, i hope it helps

    @ lindu007, I don't think it's too late, and I think you have great chances! There is a lot of people that get accepted to few schools and of course they can attend only one of them, so I am pretty sure they still have a lot of openings!
    From what I found out, transfer students can complete the BSN program in either 3 (1 co-op) or 4 (3 co-co) years... I was at community college for 5 semesters... I will try to get my bachelors in the next 3 years with the 6 month co-op. I was hoping there is a way to complete the program it in 2 years, but i guess I was a little too optimistic.. oh well....

    @LauraBnurse, I just moved to PA from South Jersey.... over there Rutgers and Rowan have great nursing programs. Here, in Philadelphia (from what I found on forums) a lot of people chooses Thomas Jefferson University over Drexel or Temple.... In my opinion all of them are great schools, with great programs. Temple would save you some money since it is not a private school, and tuition is much lower than the other two. Personally, I think that Drexel's co-op is best for me because it puts you right in the field and lets you get some experience, which you already have!
    well... at the end it is up to you how much you take out from the program

    also, I applied to Widener University (Chester, PA) and got in without a problem (it was supposed to be my back-up plan), and I think their deadline is sometime in May... They also offer you a nice transfer schoolarship ( they offered me more money than Drexel! )
    Something worth considering...
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    I am also new to allnurses, but I am going to Drexel in the fall as well. I am a transfer student from CCC, I was wondering if anybody knows if you can complete the program in less than 3 years? I have pretty much every pre req and elective completed that is used in the program. Looking forward to hearing back and meeting you all come fall!

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