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Hey guys... Just checking to see if any of you have applied for Drexel's ACE program for the Fall of 2012. I applied this past summer, and I know that they just began looking at applications October 15th! Has anyone... Read More

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    Hey everyone!!! I just found out today on the Discover Drexel that I was accepted!!!!! I am so thrilled and excited!!!! I know so many of you are anxiously waiting but I am sure you will hear soon. For a timeline: my entire app was in by September 15th. My stats are: 3.2 Cumm in Public Health (I will graduate in May!), 3.7-3.8 in my last 60 credits, which I think helped me out significantly! And about a 3.3-3.4 gpa in pre reqs. I am finishing up A and P 2 right now and only have microbiology and ethics left. I know there has Been some confusion on here about acceptances, so I hope that this doesn't confuse anyone any more, but I wanted to share with you because I know my stats will maybe give you a little confidence and some relief during this waiting period!! Good luck to ALL!!!!
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    I just checked Discover too and I got accepted too! I was astonished lol. Now Im so curious to know how the program is. My pre-req GPA was around 3.4... undergrad GPA was 3.6. This is amazing!!!! :-)
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    Congrats everyone! I just checked discover and I got accepted! Wooo
    I'm so excited, i'm nervous about the program because of the rigorous pace.. but can't wait to start!!
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    i'm wondering how Im going to pay for it LOL
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    @junebugp64 would you mind sharing your stats and when you applied??? Still waiting I applied at the end of September and can't take waiting much longer. Thanks
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    congrats to everyone that got in!!

    I had my app in by sept 17th and I still have not herd anything yet =(
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    I applied in late August, I actually emailed Drexel this morning because I was worried because I had not heard back, so she put me to the top of the list to be reviewed! So, I recommend emailing them and asking when you will hear back!
    I have a 3.8, and my degree is Philosophy! I still have to take Mirco and Nutrition this spring or summer!
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    Hi everyone...I just found out that I was accepted this morning! I am so excited and relieved! I began my application in early September and I received the confirmation e-mail on September 19th. As for my stats…I will graduate with a BS in Kinesiology from Temple in the spring, and my undergrad GPA is a 3.5, pre-requisite GPA is around a 3.6 and last 60 credits GPA is around a 3.6 as well. I am currently taking microbiology, and I still have ethics and nutrition to take in the spring or summer. CONGRATS to everyone else who has been accepted!!!! GOOD LUCK to everyone else!!!!!
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    I got accepted also!! I found out around 5pm today VERY exciting! Good luck to EVERYONE, especially those anxiously waiting to hear back!...I know the feeling!
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    Wow! A lot of you have already been accepted. Congratulations. I applied earlier this year. My GPA wasn't as strong as some of yours. I knew it would be a long shot. My status hasn't changed yet on the Discover Drexel portal, but we'll see what happens.