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Hey guys... Just checking to see if any of you have applied for Drexel's ACE program for the Fall of 2012. I applied this past summer, and I know that they just began looking at applications October 15th! Has anyone... Read More

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    Hey all,

    I just wanted to hear how other people are paying for Drexel's tuition?

    As well, please let us know your stats: GPA, GRE, etc.


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    Hey everyone!

    Here is a facebook link for a group for all Fall 2012 ACE students.

    Also, here is a link for all ACE students new/current/alumni. Most of the questions you are asking here are already answered in this group.


    Between both of those you will get a ton of info
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    Alright gotta check this out. I am applied for the accelerated BSN program and am knocking out some prerequisites. I have no concerns with the workload/responsibility/career change; that I can handle. However, I have to voice my concerns about taking out another school loan, paying for this $45000 program, and coming out on the other end with a degree and no experience, then looking for a job in this economy. I am an optimistic and hard working guy and will do what I have to do, but I need some nurses/managers to give me the real deal on this situation. I do not need comments about the "national nursing shortage" or "nursing isn't just about the money", I know times are tough, and I have more interest in the field than just making money, but the reality is that I will need to get a job and make a living so I can become independent and make some moves in my life that I am interested in. I already have a science background and 5 years experience as a hospital pharmacy technician but I need some real opinions on this situation and what to do to ensure I can get a job when I graduate school. Ideas/opinions? Any ACE graduates would definitely be a plus! Thanks.
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    Hello Everyone! I was a previous ACE student and I would like to sell my scrubs. If you are attending the Fall 2012 ACE program and are interested in buying a scrubs set (top and bottom - Size SMALL) please feel free to contact me at gourmetpuree@yahoo.com (and I could also teach you a thing or two about the ACE program! ) I am charging $20 total for BOTH top and bottom. Also, I have 3 pairs of scrubs so if you would like more than one, let me know

    @jst10 I will try my best to address your concern. I think you have a really good chance of landing a job because you already have patient interaction experience and familiarity with drugs from working as a pharm tech. In my opinion, just by having experience in a clinical setting, you certainly have an advantage. There were many students in the program who had never even touched a patient and they were able to succeed in the job market also. I hope this helps.

    God Bless
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    hey just wondering for people who have done the program already, where is the best place to live in the city? I am trying to get as close to the hospital as possible, but would I be okay if I had to take the subway a bit or so?
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    Im' having second thoughts. Is Drexel difficult to get good grades? I'm thinking of this school or SHU's program.
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    It can get expensive living in Center City and surrounding areas. Alot from the Spring live in Jersey and I commuted from the Northeast. It all depends about how much you are willing to spend. The subway and the El are fine as well as Regional rail and PATCO. Studios near Rittenhouse cna cost $1200 per month and Northern Liberties where a lot live can range that high as well. Do a lot of research first but also realize that your clinicals are going to be everywhere so make sure you have reliable transportation.
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    Gen Chem- Chem 110/121 is the only accepted one for Drexel I believe.

    Anatomy- Bio 109/110

    Micro- Bio 241

    And that's all I can remember.

    I took chem 110 and micro at the same time during this summer. It was a drag, but it got me accepted in the program. Hope to see you in the 2013 Fall cohort!
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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been reading some comments, and I see that some people have the same concerns as me. I have been accepted into Drexel's ACE program for Fall 2012. So far as I see I'm going to attend, but I am very concerned about some things. Like a lot of people here, I already have loans from my previous degree, so looking at the tuition and other costs are definitely something that's a BIG concern to me. Not only that I read some one's post about how 30% of the people they accept drop or get dropped. That's a high percentage to me! Not only that they said that they keep your money (is that true? or do they just keep what was used?). I'm definitely ready to dedicate everything I have to this program, but I'm honestly scared because of those factors I listed above. The last thing I want to happen is that I become an extra $50,000 (approx.) in debt for a program that I didn't benefit entirely from.
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    Hey everyone!

    Hopefully I'll be seeing some of you in just over a month!
    I am having some concerns though, I haven't received a class schedule yet, and they haven't been bothering me with tuition... Should I be worrying? Has anyone heard anything?



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