Denver School of Nursing Questions! HELP.

  1. So I am finishing up prereqs and have been seriously considering DSN. I have read a lot about it and people seem to really like the program. I want to hear from graduates or current DSN student and what is their opinion of the BSN completion program? Is it worth the money? For you out of state student (I am from Oregon), is it worth the move and was it difficult/expensive to pick up and move there? cheap apartments?
    ANY information regarding the school and their program or suggestions to make the move easier and affordable are appreciated! I am just trying to figure out my best option and want to get my BSN degree so bad! Thanks for taking your time to read!
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  3. by   SE_BSN_RN
    I am an LPN right now and I considered DSN for my RN, HOWEVER....If you are an LPN wanting an RN, they are very VERY expensive. If you are not an LPN, just getting your RN through them will cost even more money. Add to that out of state tuition, and it will be even more. I don't live in Denver, I live in Northern CO, so it is cheaper up here. I carpool once a week to attend classes in Denver. So, as for rent and stuff, I can't help with that, but I will say go on the Denver Post website and look there. Craigslist, too. Is there nothing in OR you can do? We moved here in 2005 from the bay area (CA) and had already bought a house. Good luck, whatever you decide to do!