Concordia University ABSN Fall 2013

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    Any pre-nursing applicants to CUI's ABSN program for Fall 2013? Deadlines are right around the corner!

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    Starting the process now! I was planning on applying for summer 2014 but if I can get a summer chem class I'm going to apply for Fall with that class and a psych class in progress. Hopefully that won't hurt my chances too badly!
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    Hi! I am new to this website and really don't know where to ask this...I just finished freshman year and was totally idiotic and didn't put in too much effort...I have an overall 2.0 gpa and I want to apply to UT houston nursing program this january. I think that with 2 summer classes and my next fall semester...I may raise my gpa to a 3-3.2 maybe but I'm not sure if that would be enough to get me into the program. I really really regret letting my gpa drop so low, any type of comment would be appreciated! I just dont know if I will make it even if I try my hardest to get a 3.0 gpa. Seems like everyone gets a lot higher than that.... help!
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    Submitting my Fall 2013 application and keeping my fingers crossed!
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    Good luck! I am submitting my packet tomorrow!
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    I'm only about to take my Physiology course this summer. Hope this won't hurt my changes of getting in! Anyone mind sharing their stats?
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    I applied for summer 2013 but didn't get invited for an interview so I'm reapplying for fall 2013 and really hoping I get into the program! I had stats pending but am finished now and am just waiting for my final grade on my transcript. I have all A's with two B's and volunteer experience, so I'd like to think I'm pretty competitive! From what I've been told by past students and staff, entrance into the program is extremely competitive so having a class pending might count against you, but I don't think it will eliminate your chances! GL!
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    Hi everyone! I'm hoping to hear from Concordia soon. Good luck to us!
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    If the application date was June 3rd, you guys should be hearing about interview invites soon through email.
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    Quote from cubanrob
    If the application date was June 3rd, you guys should be hearing about interview invites soon through email.
    Thanks for the heads up!!

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