Concerned about being able to continue education

  1. I am currently a student at Dade Medical College in Miami Florida, not to be confused with Miami Dade College. Dade Medical is a small private startup ASN-RN nursing program. One of those that pretty much takes anyone that can pass the TEAS. I did my prerequisites at a four year University but because I didnt take college serious until my thirties my passed haunted me and I was unable to get into an established RN program at a university. I checked the schools status on the DOH website and it says approved. My concern is will I be able to go on to a four year university for a BSN? My goal is Nurse anesthesia however I want to make sure I am not wasting my time in this school, which is not very good to begin with. I pretty much teach myself everything.

    any advice is appreciated
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  3. by   RunBabyRN
    As long as your program is accredited, you should be okay.
    Hang in there!