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  1. by   shweta rauniyar
    Did anyone take the PSB test?......I mean the computerized one...Plz update about it
  2. by   Dia10
    Do y'all anything about the A&P time limit? Does Collin offer any waivers for classes that are older than 5 years?
  3. by   lindseynelson724
    Quote from Dia10
    Do y'all anything about the A&P time limit? Does Collin offer any waivers for classes that are older than 5 years?

    No, Collin doesn't accept any sciences over 5 years old. You will have to retake if it's been more than 5 years.
  4. by   Lynn70
    Well! I took the PSB today :/ Spelling was more difficult then I imagined it would be, the time limit is insane! I was so stressed out because I couldn't finish each section. I wonder if we can take the PSB again for the fall application. It was really nice having the test on a computer. It shows your time limit on the upper right hand corner and you go section by section.

    I will be applying with a prereq GPA of 3.3 and a 4.0 cumulative GPA and I got 90's and above on the PSB test. I HATE that the criteria keeps changing. I don't understand how they are supposed to sort through over a hundred applicants based on those three things above. Best of luck to everyone!
  5. by   Zmast89
    Hi everyone , Murse hopeful here. I took the PSB today and did very well on most of the sections. 95th percentile for Verbal, 94th percentile for Arithmetic, 90th Percentile for Nonverbal, 96th percentile for Academic Aptitude, 79th percentile in spelling (ouch!, but these are not actually letter grades 89th percentile for Reading comprehension (I thought I totally bombed this!), 98th percentile in sciences, and 83rd percentile in vocational adjustment. I'm so happy the PSB is over. Reading comprehension is the most important from what I keep hearing so I'm pleased with my score. I have a 4.0 GPA in all of my prereqs and other courses which were all completed at Collin College. I have stressed out to the max multiple times for these grades and Im excited to finally hand in my paperwork. I don't know what else I can do besides volunteer in disaster relief or something lol. Good luck to everyone and I hope to see you in the accelerated summer program!!!!
  6. by   Lynn70
    Zmast89 you sound like you have really good numbers!!!! I bet you will get in The reading comp. was super hard! I didn't finish that one :/

    Does anyone know how many students they take for the summer program? I think I have to repeat my A&p 1 class to bump it up to a 4.0
    The five year cut off for that class will be in the Fall anyways. I doubt they will accept me :/ I don't think I am competitive enough.
  7. by   Zmast89
    Thanks for the kind words Lynn70. I wouldn't hesitate to apply if I were in your shoes. I spoke with the Retention Recruiter, and was told straight up half of the applicants with straight A's do not get in because they end up bombing the PSB. That why i was so stressed about it even with a perfect GPA. The Recruiter was very particular about the reading comprehension and getting the best score for that as well. If you scored at least a 90th percentile for every section, especially the reading comprehension, I'd say you have really good odds. Another thing that helps is if your are actually Collin student and took some or most of your classes there. They want to take care of their own. Lastly, I was asked if I have volunteered in anything. Things like that can definitely boost your chances. I would take it upon yourself to meet with her if you haven't already. I feel like I'm going to get in because everything she told me to nail I have. We will see.........
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  8. by   Zmast89
    I've also heard the number of students they take in anywhere from 58-80+. out of 300-400 applicants.
  9. by   Lynn70
    Zmast89, thanks for the encouragement! I got 97th for reading comp. so I hope that makes up for my low GPA
    I signed up this semester to repeat A&P1. It's so stressful that they change everything every semester, I just noticed a few changes on the website. Starting Fall 17' the info session will be mandatory to apply.

    I can't believe they have over 300 applicants, that's crazy! Where on the application do you state your volunteer experience? I didn't know that Collin College looked at that.
  10. by   Zmast89
    I would put your volunteer stuff in with your application attached or something like that. Also, you could probably include some contact information they can use to verify if they need to.
  11. by   Onecoolwife
    Hey guys, I am new to posting although have been reading a while.

    I will be applying for Fall 2017, will be scheduling my PSB on the 1st (payday). Does anyone have a copy of how they figure the new point system? I have looked everywhere and can only locate the other ones.

    Good Luck to everyone!
  12. by   Zmast89
    I asked about that when I turned in my application and the recruiter said they were not relying on a point system because students were frequently asking about a point cut off to get in. I suppose its too competitive to tell students "get at least this many points and you get in......" Doing well in prereqs and a high PSB score is key.
  13. by   gmartin2321
    Hi! There is no more point system