Collin College Spring 2014 Applicants

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    I just wanted to start a thread for all the Spring 2014 Collin College applicants. I applied last week. I have 15 points, 4.0 gpa, and a 6 on the PSB exam ( missed one point because I didn't take general biology course). I also applied to TWU as well.

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    Hi Kia! Thanks for starting an msg forum for the Spring. I am applying as well! just finished my retake of A&P 1 and man, am I glad I am done! I've applied to TWU as well last year but just didn't meet the requirements. I've been going to Collin since '10 getting my associate's and it's been a really good place for me. I hear the program here is a great one and a good place to get your foot in the door.
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    good job on psb! I have 15 and am also trying for the spring 2014-I got a 5 on psb- also don't have 4.0 but close. I'm hopeful
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    Hi, is it true that it's easier to apply on spring than fall? I just read from another thread.
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    From what I've heard the Fall semester takes on lvn paramedic bridge applicants-around a dozen. In theory Spring is easier to get into
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    Hi there. I just finished my PSB test and am waiting for the results. I have 10 points and am hoping I got at least 5 on psb. Good luck to everyone.
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    Good luck to you too
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    This is my first post! I too am going to apply for Spring 2014. I took my PSB, and I am going to go pick up my results today and then apply! Eek! Best of luck to you guys
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    Hey Guys, this is my first post and I am applying for the Spring 2014, I have 14 points and made a 6 on the PSB, I'm turning my application in tomorrow. I was wondering about my transcripts, I have all my transcripts at Collin, could I just go to Admissions and get official copies of my transcripts or do I have to resend for all my official transcripts agin, what did u guys do concerning transcripts? Thanks
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    I went to admissions and picked up copies that they stamped I believe and just took them up to the nursing office.

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