BCC Nursing Fall 2017

  1. Hey guys! Wanted to start a thread for those applying for Fall of 2017 at Bristol Community College! What other programs are you applying too? Traditional or eHealth? GPA and points? Can't wait to hear about everybody else. I've read all of the other years threads and I must say I'm so happy to finally be able to be involved in one! So excited for everybody! Can't wait to hear from you.
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  3. by   kjeronimo
    Hi! I also applied to BCC for Fall 2017. I'm only applying to traditional. My GPA 3.93 with the full 25 points!
    Best of luck :-)
  4. by   FRN12
    I'm applying for traditional as well, your chances are so high, you'll be in for sure. good for you. I'm looking somewhere between the 3.7-3.8 range with my GPA, I haven't totaled up my points yet, because I'll need too get a copy of my highschool transcripts too find out a few grades that will go toward it. It's going too be a long few months waiting for some news!
  5. by   kjeronimo
    I was able to tally up my points because I had my high school transcripts at home. You have a very good chance though with having a 3.7 or higher. My friend got in with a 3.53 this year! She's in her first semester right now, and she absolutely loves it. Funny story, last February at work, she checked her degree works and her major changed to Nursing. She was so excited. So before the letters go out, your major on degree works will change. Be sure to check that in February!
  6. by   FRN12
    Lol that is great to know! Starting in February I'll be checking my degree works Daily!! And glad too hear that she got in with a 3.53, some of my friends applying this year are around the same GPA so they'll get comfort in hearing that. Have you done all of your classes other than nursing? Or still finishing them while you wait to hear?
  7. by   kjeronimo
    Yes I've finished all my classes! This spring semester I'm taking some filler classes like pharmacology, into to health careers, and a sociology class! How about you?
  8. by   FRN12
    Unfortunately no, I'm taking A&P 2 in the spring with an elective then I'll be taking the other 2 classes in the summer in between the program. Not ideal, but I'll get it done! 😁
  9. by   Fabz07
    Hello! Also have applied to BCC's program! I've gotten into the program before, but decided to go to another school. But then didn't end up being successful there because life took a turn on my end and I ended up working a little too much on my end. But BCC's process to get into the nursing program is pretty straight forward. They don't tell you bluntly, but if you have all your prereqs done and have a high GPA your most likely in the program (My GPA is a 3.6). The program is very intense, I did a semester at my other school and lets just say, its the amount of 5 regular 3 credit classes into 1 whole class. When you hear from the professors and other students that you need to commit your life and soul into this program, they are NOT KIDDING! The biggest mistake I did was not put more time into my studying. Hope everyone the best of luck! I'm no stranger to applying to programs, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask away!
  10. by   AshB111
    How does the point system work at BCC? I've already applied, have straight A's, and a 3.95 GPA. Would love to know how many points I have... TIA
  11. by   kjeronimo
    The point system works like this:
    Bio 233 (or higher)
    Hs Chem (or higher)
    Hs Mth (or higher)
    Eng 101 (or higher)
    Psy 101 (or higher)

    5 points for an A
    4 points for an A-
    3 points for a B+
    2 points for a B
    1 point for a B-
  12. by   AshB111
    Ok Great Thanks kjeronimo. So I don't know what my HS Algebra grade was but I got an A+ in statistics so would the statistics trump the Algebra? If so I have 24 points, 3.95 GPA, and I applied to the e-health. I work full-time so I'm hoping it leaves my schedule more pen for work.... Does anyone know how the e-health nursing schedule is?
  13. by   Emily1127
    Hey everyone, ive also applied to BCC for the fall, as well as massasoit and brockton hospital. Thinking of applying to quincy as well. Ive completed all my classes and graduated from BCC in 2012 with an associates in health science. I am so nervous! I think my points add up to somewhere around 23 but i feel like my grades in some science classes couldve been more competitive

    I cant wait until the wait is over! Trying to keep the mindset that if i dont get in this year, ill just try again for next year! Ive made a pretty great career as a dental assistant so atleast I have that in the meantime.

    Does anyone know if BCC requires a&p or any other science courses to be within a certain number of years to accept them for nursing? Ive ran into that problem with 1 school.
  14. by   kjeronimo
    I believe they have to be within 5 years! And we should be finding out shortly! Last round found out last February.