Baylor University Fastbacc 2018 - page 2

Hello all, I applied to this program within the first week of it opening. I looked at previous articles regarding this program and there was a fairly quick turn around between the submission of the... Read More

  1. by   jjess17
    I interviewed in August and received my acceptance this morning as well! Anyone else hear back?
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  2. by   calvalencia
    I received my acceptance email this morning as well!
    Science GPA: 3.5
    Overall GPA: 3.3
    HESI Cum: 96
  3. by   kayywinn
    Ok Nice. About how long after your interview did you all hear back as far as acceptance goes ? Congrads to you all by the way !
  4. by   alexwest
    hey guys! congrats on getting in! how was the interview process? I'm interviewing in a couple days.
  5. by   calvalencia
    I think the process for the early applicants was a little different. I submitted my application only about 2 weeks after it opened, so between that time and my acceptance was a while. And the interview wasn't bad, It was very pleasant, but I still went in prepared
  6. by   trhodes
    Can anyone give an idea of what kind of questions they ask during the interview? I'll be submitting my app by the end of this week and want to start preparing in hopes of getting an interview!
  7. by   jjess17
    I can't remember the exact questions, but its really laid back. The questions were somewhat like:
    How do you resolve conflicts?
    What qualities do you think a nurse should have?
    Why do you want to be a nurse?
    Why are you interested in our program?
    What are your learning styles?

    Congrats to those accepted!
    Has anyone made a Facebook group?
    Also any ideas on where to live in Dallas? Im from Austin and I've never been outside of Austin or College Station really.
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  8. by   Laurenshroyer
    Hey!! Saw all your posts!! I have been accepted as well and keep checking Facebook for any groups! I asked Elaine if we will be getting a list of people accepted and she said no... so I would say go ahead and make one and people can request to be in it!! Also a good place to live is uptown area. Gables villa rosa is mainly college and young professionals!
  9. by   calvalencia
    Hello, everyone, I just made a group on Facebook so feel free to join!
  10. by   shollums
    Hi, I just got my acceptance as well! I still need to complete my Bible-based and World Religion courses. Does anyone know where I can take these online? Thanks!
  11. by   alexwest
    Hey guys I received my acceptance letter yesterday! I think I joined the FB group hopefully it was the right one.
  12. by   trhodes
    Are y'al receiving the admissions decision via mail or email?
  13. by   calvalencia
    I received mine via email