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    I want to know if anyone applied to azusa pacific university two plus two program in high desert for Fall 2014. If so did you receive an acceptance letter or do you know when they will be sending out acceptance letter. I am anxiously waiting to see if I got in or not.
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  3. by   JenLKramer
    Hi ajarrett01!
    It seems that not a lot of people on these blogs have much to say or do with the good ol' high desert. haha
    I hope you got accepted into Fall 2014! I've recently gone through the interview process (new to the high desert starting this semester) for the Two-Plus-Two program for Spring of 2015. Still awaiting the news (should be another week or so... yikes!).

    If you were accepted... how do you like it so far? Is the schedule and studying as crazy as it seems?
    Well, good luck (belated, I guess)!
  4. by   ajarrett01
    I did get accepted for Fall 2014 it is a great program and I love it! It's very hard and intense but once you get on studying and doing the skills you will learn a lot. I hope you get that acceptance letter keep me posted!
  5. by   jacking

    I applied for the Fall 2016 two plus two nursing program and am going in for my interview next week! I was wondering how the interview process is?? Any advice would help a lot!