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Anyone attending UOP, ground or online for RN-BSN? Would appreciate any advice/personal experience with them. Also interested to know of their reputation here in Southern far as employers/transferring to MSN... Read More

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    The cost and length of the course spend on whether you have any credits to transfer. It will take me 18 months at about $500 per credit plus other fees.
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    I can only imagine how much it was. Some of the RN to BSN programs actually cost 50k! How horrible.
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    They've been put "on notice" for their careful!
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    Quote from lilyaqha
    They've been put "on notice" for their careful!
    Where did you read this?
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    Yes. University of Phoenix Accreditation Hits Snag As Panel Recommends Probation I hope they can finally get these for profit colleges to go away.