Admitted Burlington County College for Spring 2014

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    Hey everyone! I just wanted to start a thread for people who are going to starting the program on the spring. I also have some question for yas
    • are you buying some of the supplies from the bookstore or a place like work 'n gear?
    • where are you getting the books?
    • have you signed up for the cpr or nurs 103?
    • what nurs 119 did you register for?

    I'm so a little nervous to start the program but even more excited, see you guys soon!
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    Hi! I will be registering on Tuesday. I'm going to buy my supplies and books at bcc. I registered for NUR103 and that starts January 3rd. I will be taking the CPR course through BCC that was mentioned in the packet we received. I'm so excited! I read through the packet a few times! Tomorrow I'll schedule my physical appt. I also have to order my name tags since I haven't done that yet. I'm going to look around for shoes and pants too.

    Will you be attending the orientation?
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    Hi! I registered for Nurs 103 that starts Jan. 3rd and I also registered for 119-404. Im going to call the Dr's tomorrow to schedule my physical, order the name tags and stethoscope. I found a great website called the stethoscope is like 65$ and they do a free engraving! I think the one at BCC is 99$? Im definitely going to be at the orientation, I'm so excited!
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    Got my packet today! Just registered at Mt. Laurel for 119-402! So excited! I'm also registered for Med admin!(103-901) My sister did the program a few years ago and said that past students donate their uniforms- not sure if they still do this but it worth looking into before you buy. Do we have to have our stethoscope engraved?
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    Ms_Cass, which stethoscope did you order. I saw some for $48, but I didn't see the $65 one.
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    Just registered for 119-400!!
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    Hi I registered for Nursing 119-404. I am so excited!! I ordered my two name pins already from the Pemberton bookstore, I also purchased the BCC maroon clinical tops as well. I think I am ordering my stethoscope from they are 71.99 and it comes with a free engraving as well. The white pants that we need for clinical I purchased from scrub pro in Marlton, they were about $27.00 . I am going taking the CPR class that was mentioned in the packets that we received.
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    How much are the clinical tops? And do you know if we need to call first to register for the CPR class, or just send the money order in? I found great shoes at for $70 and free shipping. They are the Nursemate dove ones.
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    We dont have to have the stethoscope engraved, but some sites offer it. I splurged actually and got an 80$ littmann steth (Rainbow Stethoscope: Littmann Classic SE 2823) its so pretty, i had to! I also ordered the name tags yesterday and while i was at pemberton i bought the lab kit ($75) we had to get. I think we also just have to send the money order in for the cpr class. Do we have to buy the bcc clinical top or is it just suppose to be white?
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    You have to get the top from BCC. It's a cranberry color. We buy white pants wherever we find them. That stethoscope is awesome!! Is the lab kit the black bag that we are supposed to get.?

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