What does left lung cancer status post 3 cycles treatment mean?

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    What does that mean? I was looking through a chart and it said, the patient came into the hospital for SOB and severe cough. Past history is 2007 left lung cancer status post 3 cycles treatment. Does this mean the patient still has lung cancer and the cancer is causing SOB and cough? what does status post 3 cycles treatment mean?

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    Probably 3 rounds of cancer treatment that were unsuccessful which is why he's still having symptoms. Or maybe the symptoms are related to something else, but having lung CA and chemo (or w/e) is part of their pmhx.
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    Chemotherapy is administered in cycles. This means that the patient received 3 cycles of chemotherapy for his cancer. It does not mean that his still has cancer, it means that he has a history of cancer of the left lung in 2007 that was treated. I work in pediatric oncology so I don't know what the traditional chemotherapy for lung cancer is but if it's been 5 years, I'd guess that his entire treatment was 3 cycles. The length of the cycles varies by protocol. Most cancers are also treated per "treatment protocols"- national standards based on NCI or CCG or clinical trials. If you could get your hand on the protocol he was treated on, it would probably help you understand.
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    Depending on tumor size, location, staging, etc, lung cancer is often treated with concurrent chemoradiation. Many patients who complete treatment will have lingering pulmonary symptoms secondary to radiation-related changes ie scarring/scar tissues, which may be causing the SOB. NCCN guidelines have changed since 2007, so there are many reasons why a patient had three cycles of chemo.

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