What does left lung cancer status post 3 cycles treatment mean?

  1. What does that mean? I was looking through a chart and it said, the patient came into the hospital for SOB and severe cough. Past history is 2007 left lung cancer status post 3 cycles treatment. Does this mean the patient still has lung cancer and the cancer is causing SOB and cough? what does status post 3 cycles treatment mean?
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  3. by   SwansonRN
    Probably 3 rounds of cancer treatment that were unsuccessful which is why he's still having symptoms. Or maybe the symptoms are related to something else, but having lung CA and chemo (or w/e) is part of their pmhx.
  4. by   KelRN215
    Chemotherapy is administered in cycles. This means that the patient received 3 cycles of chemotherapy for his cancer. It does not mean that his still has cancer, it means that he has a history of cancer of the left lung in 2007 that was treated. I work in pediatric oncology so I don't know what the traditional chemotherapy for lung cancer is but if it's been 5 years, I'd guess that his entire treatment was 3 cycles. The length of the cycles varies by protocol. Most cancers are also treated per "treatment protocols"- national standards based on NCI or CCG or clinical trials. If you could get your hand on the protocol he was treated on, it would probably help you understand.
  5. by   pavementandpearls
    Depending on tumor size, location, staging, etc, lung cancer is often treated with concurrent chemoradiation. Many patients who complete treatment will have lingering pulmonary symptoms secondary to radiation-related changes ie scarring/scar tissues, which may be causing the SOB. NCCN guidelines have changed since 2007, so there are many reasons why a patient had three cycles of chemo.

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