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Patient education with pancreas cancer

  1. 0 What should a nurse teach a pt. with pancreas cancer? The patient was dx 2009 received chemo and radiation then had a whipple procedure in jan 2010. June 2010 the pancreas cancer has returned
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    Discover where the knowledge deficits are and focus teaching there.

    If this person does not have advanced directives you should be teaching in that area.

    Surely they have medications which require some teaching. Wound care? Stoma care (PEG tube?). TPN? Nutrition?
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    The only new med was for the pt to buy an OTC iron supplement. Other than that he had no wounds no stomas and no TPN. Even knowledge wise he knew his disease the process and even his diet being that he had already had a year's experience with the condition.
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    what do his blood counts look like? if his wbc count is low you could teach him about neutropenia precautions (strict hand washing, avoiding people with colds.. etc). Will he be doing more chemotherapy? You could teach him about side effects of his chemo, ways to promote energy (exercise, periods of rest). Ways to prevent mouth sores. Looks like maybe he is anemic with the iron supplement, you could teach him about s/s of anemia and why it is important to take the supplement.

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