New nurse and new oncolgy nurse .... help!

  1. I just graduated and have been given the chance to go into Oncology nurse which has been my goal. I am clueless on how to prepare for this line of nursing... Any information would help and what book should I begin readuing to prepare? Thanks so much!!!
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  3. by   nersieh
    if you can read up on chemo, pain management, grief.....there's really no real way to prepare.
  4. by   goodstudentnowRN
    I will be a new oncology nurse too and need to know how to approach this specialty. I know I want to do this and I am very excited.
  5. by   iluvnoodles
    my first job in the hospital during nursing school was on a GYN/SURGICAL Oncology floor. It's pretty much a medical surgical floor but a lot of tah/bso. I didnt know what that stood for until like right before i started as a gn. it stands for total abdominal hysterectomy w/ bil salphinoorectomy. something like that. basically everything is taken out. any hysterectomsy, you can expect foleys, you can expect JP, NG-T, colostomy, etc. definite cancer patients. a lot of patients will come in for low wbc, low complete blood count after receiving chemo as an outpatient. a lot of patients with immunocompromised system. as for chemo, the unit will probably train you later for that. you have to be certified to give chemo. oh i almost forgot. you will be working with central lines/port and theyll send you to a course for that. that was pretty cool.
  6. by   Schwarte
    I work for an oncologist who just wrote a book called "Surviving the Cancer System" that would be beneficial for you! It's written for newly diagnosed cancer patients and caregivers but would be appropriate for your situation too. It covers a lot of areas. You can find it on author is Mark Fesen, MD. Are you going to work in an inpatient or outpatient facility? I work in an outpatient oncology clinic with 2 oncologists. I started there shortly after graduating from nursing school as well and have been there for 6 1/2 years now. We have a large chemotherapy area and unfortunately see lots of patients daily. Just in our dept. there are 40 some nurses. Important things to learn about would be general chemo side effects- neutropenia (low wbc), anemia, thrombocytopenia (low platelets), n/v, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, periph neuropathy, etc. and how to manage those things. Central line care-ports, hickmans, piccs. Chemo precautions. Oncologic emergencies- especially how to manage septic shock and drug reactions, we see that happen occasionally and it can be scarey if you don't know what to do quickly! I think those are some of the main things. I hope you enjoy it! There is always more to learn about and this can be a very rewarding and challenging job!
  7. by   Alloush

    maybe it is late. but reading about the diagnosis is all what u need at this point. everything else will be taught to u on the unit. good luck