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Hi all, I was just hired at a prestigious hospital in Chicago as a New Grad Nurse in Hem/Onc, Stem Cell Transplant Unit!! They called the day after I interviewed & I'm still in shock!!! If any other new RNs are starting in... Read More

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    Hope your first day of orientation went well.

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    haha how'd you know i had orientation today? It was great!
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    Your previous post said you start aug 20. I just happened to be flipping through my old posts yesterday and saw it, so I thought I'd wish you luck. Glad it went well!
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    Hi everyone! I graduated in May and now have two interviews next week. One (face-to-face) where I live locally on a tele/med-surg floor at a prestigious cancer center where I've worked for the past 6 years in an administrative research position and the other (phone) out of state at a well known academic medical center for an oncology research nurse position. I desperately want floor experience so am likely to go with the med-surg tele position locally if given the option of both. Ultimately I wouldn't mind relocating but will try to put that off after I get at least a year of experience under my belt. Any tips or advice? I'm very nervous as although I've worked at a cancer center for years my clinical exposure has been limited. Add that to the fact that I graduated way back in May and this is October and I'm officially doubting whether or not I"m capable. And I'll be starting my RN-BSN program in January so this timing could be a wee bit stressful. Help, lol. What have your experiences been like so far?
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    Just found out I'll actually be interviewing for a BMT floor! I'm beyond excited (a little nervous too but more excited than anything)!!
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    Doesn't seem like anyone is following but that's okay. I always like to read happy updates from new grads so here's one from me for someone else out there looking for reassurance. I got a job! Finally! I'll be starting in November and will be working on the BMT Unit. I'm ECSTATIC
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    Hi! Will NMH hire an ADN that will be starting a BSN program? I know some Magnet hospitals will hire ADNs as long as they complete their BSN in a certain timeframe. What do you think?
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    I'm starting my new position on a Heme/Onc unit at a major teaching hospital in the SE this coming Monday 9/23. I'm a new grad & SO excited -- and SO scared. Of course, the first couple weeks will be orientation, & then a 10-12 wk. 'Journeys New Grad Residency'. I'm happy to share experiences / absorb shared wisdom / sympathize over newbie mistakes (hopefully none fatal!) / learn how to learn & stay positive in spite of the difficulty & challenges I will surely encounter.
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    A BMT is what saved my mom's life. My dream job would be to work on a BMT unit. I've applied to places that I know accept new grads (graduating in December with my BSN). I'm nervous and excited and scared all at the same time.
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    Do any of the Chicago Hospitals hire ADN nurses who are pursuing their BSN?
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