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  1. 0 I know we cannot ask for medical advice here, but what I am asking is for general advice you would give to any patient who is recently diagnosed with cancer...

    I have recently gotten the diagnosis of malignant melanoma in a walnut size tumor on my lower thigh...

    I had a needle biopsy after an MRI that was inconclusive...


    What do I ask the doctor when I see them (Hopefully this week!!!)

    How can I be certain that the hospital I am going to is the best in this particular cancer? Is there really that much difference in care from one cancer hospital to another?

    What other questions should I be asking?

    Any advice will be appreciated...

    Feel free to PM me...
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    I'm sorry I can't answer the specific questions you asked but I can pass along a website people diagnosed with this say is a source of information and an online community dedicated to it and going through the same things you are.

    MPIP: Melanoma Patients Information Page | Melanoma Research Foundation

    All the best to you.
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    Thanks! Any info is a step in the right direction
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    Hopefully some onc nurse feedback will come in -- that site has a tremendous word-of-mouth reputation.

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