Where is the best CNA training in Tulsa?

  1. Hi! I am in school and pursing my ASN and wanting to get my CNA. I am hoping that I get into OSU nursing program for the fall of 2010, and wanting to go ahead and start working. I live in Tulsa and planning on working here and I am curious as the the best place to get my CNA at. Also does anybody know who the local hospitals prefer to hire their cna's from? I am wanting to work for St. John's. ANybody work there can give me some insight on how to get hired there? I apprecicate all the info! Thanks in advance
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  3. by   systoly
    I think very highly of Interim. I worked in facilities Interim has used for their clinicals.
  4. by   Dorali
    If you haven't started yet, Interim is a wonderful school! We were told that Hillcrest hires a lot of their CNAs simply because they went there. Clinicals are at Hillcrest also. I'm not sure about St. John's though.

    If you will go through this forum, I posted a thread about all of the programs available in Tulsa.
    Just a heads up, I've not heard good things about the OSU program or Wings.
  5. by   L&DWannaB
    I was applying to Nursing school and I had one last requirement and that was my CNA so I needed to get it done fast and I used Wings in BA. It was cheaper then some of the other schools and I got it done in 2 weeks. I was hired by SJMC right out of school and passed the mini CNA med term test they give with no problem. I know this has been awhile but i just thought I would give my 2 cents. BTW I am a 2 semester RN student at TCC.