Where do you work?

  1. Oklahoma Nurses!!!! Don't be shy, tell us where you work?

    I'm a LPN at St. Anthony Hospital and I give flu shots with the Visiting Nurses Association. NEXT
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  3. by   RAYLO!
    I work @saint anthony l&d fulltime for 5 years, now prn. I also work ou med endoscopy fulltime....
  4. by   naivej
    Have worked at Kingfisher Regional for the past 3 1/2 years. Family just moved to Yukon though so I've put my apps in with some of the agencies for PRN shifts.

    Will still do some shifts at KRH, though.

    Kingfisher Regional for life, yo.

    Word to your mothers.
  5. by   sjt9721
    Hey! My little brother was born at KRH in 1975. We were living in Loyal at the time. (wow, I'm old)

    When I was still living up there, I worked at Presbyterian Hospital and Edmond Regional Medical Center.

    Boomer Sooner!