warning for night time LPN at Francis Tuttle

  1. I would definitely not recommend this school if you are wanting to learn and have teachers and staff that are willing to be part of the process! Many of the students have real trouble with the 2 night time LPN teachers! The students are doing their part wanting to learn, but the teachers act like it's your responsibility to learn everything, and when you ask anything you are referred to the book. The teacher I have was never in the lab to teach skills, was a bully, had no teaching ability what so ever! The only way my teacher knows how to teach is sitting behind her computer and reading off the power points.....and not giving any extra info, strictly reading! Once the 1st evaluation was given, WATCH OUT, if you thought things were bad before, they get worse, and the Director is not on your side either! Problems were brought to the Director's attention and nothing was acknowledged! If you really have no other choice, then I guess try it out, but beware of who you think your friends are! This is only regarding the part-time night time LPN classes.
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  3. by   Ambitiouz
    oh sorry to hear that, good thing you're posting this warning, others prospective students should know what theyre getting into. this reminds me of another horrible nursing school I started at (ahem..ocu). Profs weren't going out of their way to help you succeed or teach the material, but merely thrived off of failing students. It was brutal. I transferred and since graduated, and couldnt have been more happy.
  4. by   Katy-NursingStudent
    just out of curiousity what program did you transfer to Ambitiouz?