Wanting info on CNA training through Interim in Tulsa

  1. Hi!

    Has anyone taken the CNA class through Interim in Tulsa? I have enrolled in the March class so it will be starting soon. Just wondering what to expect.

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  3. by   Gecko27
    I took my CNA class @ Interim about 2 years ago. I learned SO much and I really think it helped prepare me for my BSN program that I'm in now. The first couple of days are little boring because it's all book work but it's fun when you get to actually start doing stuff in the lab. When I finished and went to take the state certification test, I felt like I was well prepared.

    I took the night class, which is a little tough when you work full-time during the day. We did our clinicals @ St. Simeon's and OSU Medical Center. I had a few classmates that got hired by both places while we were still in class.

    Good luck! You will learn a TON, especially if you haven't ever worked in the nursing field before.
  4. by   okscrapper
    I went to the Central Tech campus in Sapulpa, and loved it! It is a 6 week program 100 hours, in the eve. We had 4 clinical days, book work, lab days, and lots of practice. I learned so much and really felt prepared afterwards, and the test was a breeze. I am now working in home health (loving it!!), while waiting on the LPN class to start.

    I really do not know much re Interium's program.
  5. by   hydra08
    i am actually in the program right now! it started feb 2- feb 27.

    I feel like it is probably one of the best programs, the 'over prepare' you...i'm not sure there is such a thing though! They make sure you know everything for the test...and for in the real world. I really like the instructors (We have had both the night instructor and i'm in the day class because they had to switch for a day or so) and they are both wonderful.

    Some CNA programs are in the time of 2 weeks and this one is in a month. I cannot imagine taking it in 2 weeks...I think that is too much information to cram in...and I really think this program does it just right! They program is not too short..and not too long- therefore they will be producing many great nurses, with a lot of information to make it and or continue on with their education.

    Hope you like it!
  6. by   Dorali
    Thank you so much for your responses! My class starts this coming Monday and I'm sooo excited! I had a good feeling about Interim from the get-go but I just needed reassurance that it was the right choice.

    hydra08- Have you finished the class? How did you do on the certification test?
  7. by   hydra08
    actually i would still be doing my clinicals this week...but i got strep! SO i am going to have to make up my clinical week in march. I'm dissapointed BUT i don't have a deadline for when i need my CNA by...so it's all good. I just would have rather gotten everything done.

    hope ya like it!! I'm sure you will.
  8. by   Dorali
    Oh yes, I forgot the February class wasn't over yet.

    I'm so sorry you got sick! Clinicals seem like they would be the most exciting part. That sucks you have to wait another month.

    I appreciate your insight into the program. I think I made the right decison!

  9. by   Dorali
    For anyone else interested, I just finished my class with Interim. It was wonderful! By the time it was done, I felt completely prepared for my certification test and for working (I haven't started a job yet). I passed the certification test (written portion) with a 98%! You have to make a 100% on the skills test in order to take the written portion, state rule. Clinicals were the fourth week and were done at Saint Simeons nursing home and Hillcrest. I learned a lot while I was there.

    Since the program is accredited, financial aid and some grants are available. I am Chickasaw and my tribe paid for the class, book, a pair of scrubs, etc.

    I highly, highly recommend their program. It is comparable in price to others in the area and well worth the money. I really can't say enough.


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