University of Oklahoma Fall 2012

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    I applied for the Trad. Nursing program at OUHSC and was wondering if anyone had received acceptance letters yet? Or for early admission? If so what was your GPA, science and cumulative? I'm sill waiting and its so frustrating!

    If not, any idea when they will be coming, has anyone called?

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    Hey I applied too and haven't heard anything yet. I am an out of state applicant from California so I am worried I won't get in. Have you heard back yet?
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    I called and apparently they are having issues getting letters out since there were so many qualified applicants and the decisions are taking longer. I am hoping for this week though, as this was the time frame she expected them to be sent out.
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    I am eagerly waiting as well! I was accepted for Langston's and TCC's program for fall 2012, but OU is my first choice! Good luck!!!
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    Thanks, you too! I'm waiting on OSU-OKC still as well, its stressful waiting on letters like this...What was your gpa? Mine wasn't that great, so I'm expecting a rejection letter but maybe I'll get lucky!
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    The application process is like a crapshoot I feel like. I have heard of both lower and higher cum GPA getting in as long as your science GPA is solid. My cum is a 3.15, but my science GPA is a 4.0. This is my mid-life career change. I went to OU a long time ago and messed up. Hopefully, I can redeem myself! Like I said, I have heard if your science GPA is good, it helps. I know a few nurses who have had lower cum GPA's, but their science was strong, and they got in. I am ready to get that letter in the mailbox!!!!! I will probably get a restraining order in the mail from our mailman b/c I stalk that thing like no other this week.
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    Update! I just called and they said the letters were mailed out yesterday!
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    I received my letter yesterday and I am in the program at Tulsa!!!!! Sending positive thoughts your way that it is a yes letter!
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    I applied to OU-Lawton campus and am going crazy waiting for my letter. I think it's a bad sign that I haven't received it yet.
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    I also haven't received a letter and think its a bad sign . Everyone that I know that has been admitted received their acceptance letters already.

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