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    Hello! I am a 23 y/o male college student about to graduate with a BS in Psychology(in the fall). I am looking at accelerated nursing programs and just so happened to run across the University of Oklahoma Accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing program. The program i am interested in is at the Lawton Campus and starts in the Spring. Does anyone know anything about acceptances or what the program is like in general? It seems to be on the campus of Cameron University in Lawton.

    I was told that they were not reviewing out of state fees right now, so that has me pumped!! Also they only look at your last 60 hours and your science prereq gpa. My last 60 have been pretty good, around a 3.65, and my science prereq gpa is worrisome at only around a 3.1.

    That being said, if anyone has any info on the acceptance rates/quality of the program, where clinicals are held, or just the overall campus experience in Lawton, please let me know!

    I am from Mississippi and would like to know more about the program.

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    Moved to OK State Nursing Programs for best response.
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    The University of Oklahoma Accelerated BSN is one of the most respected programs in the state. I graduated from there and I feel it was a good education and afforded me great opportunities. However, my class did not have any out of state students. The 2012 class didn't either. You might have a better chance because 1) you are applying in Lawton, which is a small town, and 2) you are male.
    It is very competitive in OKC and Tulsa. Lawton may be a little less so. You can view the stats on the website.
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    I am currently in the ABSN OKC program and really like it. I don't know anything about the Lawton campus though. If you have any questions about the OKC campus you can message me.
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    I'm in the ABSN program in Duncan (an hour away from Lawton) we started in January 2013 and will finish March 2014. It's a great program. There are only 15 in my class so it's really easy to get help and the professors really know the students and want to help. I'm the SNA president for our campus so I feel like I'm pretty involved and know quite a bit about the program. Any specific questions I can answer?? Ill help anyway I can!
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    Yes thank you! Do they really look at your last 60 GPA? And do you have to travel a good bit around the state for clinical work? Also, tuition seems cheap all things considered! I almost couldn't believe it when the lady I spoke to about the program said no OOS fees at this time!
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    For our program they look at your science, cumulative and last 60 hours...we don't travel around the state at all! Our campus in Duncan is literally across the street from the hospital where we do clinicals and we do our community hours at various offices around the hospital...the only think we have to travel for is mental health in the 3rd (coming up) semester and we have to drive to lawton twice a week which is only 45 minutes to an hour away hope this helps!
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    I appreciate the response. I think my chances are pretty good all things considered, but you never know since I am out of state. Guess I will just cross my fingers at application time in September!

    Thanks again!
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    We have 5 out of staters in our class if that helps! Good luck!
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    We have 38 people total in our class and quite a few are from out of state. Mostly Texas but there are a few from other places as well.

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