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    I have been putting off nursing school for ten years while my children were small. I am finally ready to go back. I applied for the program at Tulsa Tech beginning in the fall. I have a CNA and I got a 94% on my HESSI. The school will not tell me how many applicants there are, whether I have a good chance, when they will let me know if I got in... etc. The wait is killing me, its so important to me. Anyone out there know anything?

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    I am in TTC program now (block2)...they are good at mailing out letters exactly when hey say they will ( I got mine a week early). There are usually around 20 seated in a class. We have 17. Good Luck
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    Hello I applied to TTC, what was the least amount of points that have been accepted to the program?
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    Coleman, I really don't know.. I went in with full points and a 96% HESI score. I do know that they start classes frequently so, if you don't get in on first try, apply again! good luck
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    Thank-you Okie36!
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    Just FYI block 1 is A&P, med term, and CNA...Block 2 is concepts, nursing fundamentals, pharmacology, and IV therapy... Each block lasts about 10 weeks app. We are at clinicals 3 days a week now, and from what I hear that progresses to more as each block advances. The coursework is lots of self study so be prepared to have really good time management skills. Attendance is a biggie! I have seen more people get put on probation for being tardy...we test about every other day,and no summer break...be prepared to keep truckin all the way through.... Grade scale is 80% or above is passing....I should be entering block 4 this fall when you start... I wish you the best of luck
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    I would start at block 2. I'm so prepared for my life to be nothing more than breathing, eating, sleeping and studying Time management is something I so so so have to work on. Also I'm not a morning person but I've started taking over the counter sleeping pills to start getting myself on track. I've heard so many wonderful things about TTC's program. You will be be a pro by the time I start(not that your not one now). Any advice or study tips that you would like to give my ears and eyes are open.
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    Thank-you Okie36! I was told most students get their homework done at school before class is over. Is that true for you and about how many hours a night outside of school do you study? Good luck
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    Block 2 you probably can get homework done at school...block 3 you are in clinicals 4 days a week and it's just not possible to get everything done...Block 2 is concepts, fundamentals, pharmacology and dosage calc. Clinicals are near the end of the block... Block 3 you start clinical the second week of class... We just finished our OB rotation and haven started Med Surg...it's a work in progress.. I will let you know I should finish block 3 oct 1....
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    I am currently in block 3 and will be done the beginning of October. Dd you have any specific questions that haven't been answered yet? I know this post is a bit old but I just found it.
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