is there anyone going to UCO? - page 3

i am getting ready to apply to UCO for the fall 2010, and it doesnt seem llike anyone on this site goes there. are there any UCO students out there?... Read More

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    Has anyone heard anything yet as to fall 2011 admission?!

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    I actually called yesterday, and they said that it will be atleast another two weeks before they know, and then about another week to get letters out.
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    Thanks for the reply jo'lee! Good luck to you!

    I was hoping for a spring break answer, as usual. I guess the Ice Storms set them back a bit.
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    I was wondering if the ice storm set them back any....ahhhh...another few weeks =/ The wait is killer! Good luck to everyone!!! =)
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    Goodluck to you too, futurenurse516!
    I agree, I'm impatient, and can't wait any longer!
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    Letters are being sent out the first of next week...good luck everyone!
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    Hopefully we will all be in class together soon
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    Quote from jo'lee
    Letters are being sent out the first of next week...good luck everyone!
    YAY! Finally =) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
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    Ugh....has anyone received their letter from UCO yet.....this wait is giving me a headache! I hope the wait for everyone is worth it!!!
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    Ive heard a few have gotten theirs, but they have been rejects. Do we know if accepts come via certified mail? Maybe that's what is taking so long.

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