RSU Fall 2010

  1. Hey all!

    Was just wondering if anyone else out there is starting RSU's nursing program this Fall... I am and I am soo excited! I would love to meet others who are starting with me....

    Looking forward to meeting all my classmates,
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  3. by   smclendon
    Congrats! I just wanted to know if you had all A's on your pre-reqs? (How hard is it to get in, in other words?)
  4. by   usernamed
    Hi I was accepted also! I am very excited and the orientation made me even more excited!

    smclendon, I was accepted with 4 A's and 1 B. I felt it was actually pretty easy to get accepted, just having to worry about the 5 prereq's makes it pretty simple!
  5. by   aholland311
    Hey! It's awesome meeting someone that is going to be going through the program along with me! The orientation really made me more excited and anxious for school to start. It still seems like it is a long time away. I am trying to figure out what am I going to do with myself till then lol! I look forward to actually meeting you in class :-)

    Smclendon, thanks! I made 3 A's and 2 B's. My two B's were in Anatomy and Physiology, and Comp 1. It didn't seem too hard to get accepted. I did hear though there were 220 applicants to get in and the top 87 were chosen. You should definitely try to get in. Do you attend RSU? I know they give some extra points for taking the pre-req's at RSU.
  6. by   usernamed
    I know I am so excited! I feel like it is forever before classes actually start. I have been buying school supplies and reading through the forums on here to prepare myself! I got my uniforms yesterday and ordered all of my medical equipment. I talked to one of the Bartlesville registrar women today and she said that we should feel really proud of ourselves for getting in because she has talked to a ton of students that had A's and B's and did not make it into the program, she said the standard were extra high this year.
  7. by   FriarTuck
    I'm also starting the RSU program this fall and really looking forward to it. I'm one of the 12 guys in the program (think that's the number they told me).

    I just want to know who voted for white pants and how we can repeal that decision :-).
  8. by   Samantha79
    I'm also starting RSU in the fall. I agree with the white pants. I want to puke. I have all my uniforms and have started ordering my books online (PLEASE DO it's only about $580 instead of $1000+ by getting them at the bookstore. If you need links to good sites to buy from just ask.)

    I'm pumped about classes starting. I have all of my med equip and got my CPR cert last Friday (any of you there?). Now I just have to get my vacc and background and drug screen. Oh yeah and physical... etc. There is still a lot to do before Aug 1st!

    Yay us!
  9. by   usernamed
    I got all of my books online also! Mostly from and one from amazon. I spent a little over $500. I also got all of my medical equipment. I just got my Littman cardiology III in yesterday and it is absolutely amazing! I'm getting my CPR in July. I am done with my immunizations and physical. I drove to Claremore to get that done on Monday. So now I am just being a nerd and looking at my NCLEX books. I went ahead and ordered the one for the LPN exam since we can sit for it after our first year of school. I'm trying to remind myself to enjoy the summer because we won't have free time when classes start, but it isn't working so far because I am so excited.
  10. by   aholland311
    Yes Congrats to all of us! I am so anxious for school to start it is not even funny. LOL! I would have to agree with all of you on the white pants issue...Blah I hate having to be concerned with what color of underwear I am going to wear for the day. That sucks! Why couldn't they have just had the whole uniform as blue?

    Anyways, I got my physical and immunizations up to date. I just need to get my background check and drug test. I also need to get my books, but I am actually going to have to wait and buy them at the bookstore because I have to use my financial aid it looks like I will be paying the $1000. I have a couple of the medical supplies already like the stethoscope, but I still need to pick up some other stuff. I am thinking about getting oneof the NCLEX books soon. I would really be interested in studying some of it before hand, but then again I might not understand any of it.

    Welp, I hope that we can keep writing here on the board while we are waiting on school to start...
  11. by   Samantha79
    Do you guys have any idea what to do with your hair while in uniform? My hair is fairly long and even in a pony tail it is well below my collar. I'm trying to figure out what to do with it that won't make me look like a grandma or librarian, and also won't take me and hour to do....

    any ideas or photos?

    Also shoes... I need to get some, I'm thinking New Balance 609's. Has anyone got theirs yet or have any ideas what you are planning on getting?
  12. by   usernamed
    Hmmm... I am not too sure on the hair. They really didn't say too much on it, besides that it had to be off of the collar. My guess would be that as long as it is pulled back and isn't going to interfere with your work it is OK. My hair is shorter now, but when it was long I used to to a messy type bun. It took about 5 seconds to do and didn't look too sloppy. It kept my hair all the way up with out looking "grandma-like" haha. Something like this:

    or this:

    My problem with my hair is it just barely touches my collar in the front and will barely go in a ponytail but it looks really bad pulled back. So I am debating on whether to cut it a little shorter or pull it back and look weird.

    I am still debating on what shoes I want to get. I am thinking of getting slip on's with a heel and all white leather, without laces. I don't really like tennis shoes so I am hoping this is a good alternative for me.

    Women's Spring Step Nurse / Uniform Shoes White GRETA W - Peltz Shoes

    They are very ugly but I am short and my scrubs should cover most of them except for the tip.
  13. by   aholland311
    I agree, I think the messy bun would look good. It would keep it off the collar but still not look too "librarian" lol...

    I think cutting your hair just a tad bit shorter might be what you should do. That way you wouldn't have to worry about putting it up. You could just fix it and go. I recently cut mine shorter so I don't have to worry about putting it up.

    As for the shoes, I am really not sure. I am thinking about going to some of the uniform places and trying on some nurses shoes. For my cna clinicals last year I just bought some white dr. scholl's from wal-mart. They weren't too bad, but I think after a full day might feet would probably be feeling it. I am thinking about looking at dansko's, but they are so expensive! I having been browsing threads here on allnurses for shoe suggestions and I see dansko's, nurse mate's, croc's, and new balance's suggested quite often. Guess I will just have to try lots on! Might make for a nice day of shoe shopping though lol!
  14. by   Samantha79
    I think I've decided to just go to the New Balance store at Utica square so I can be professionally fitted for the shoes. That's probably a better idea than me trying to pick them out on my own. My mom was trying to help and bought a pair of hideous solid white oxfords from sears . She gave me the receipt and they are going back tomorrow.