Rose State RN Spring 2013 - page 4

Hello All! Anyone else applying for Rose's beginning track RN program for Spring 2013? Just wanted to see who all was in the same boat as me.... Read More

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    Has anyone gotten a letter yet? Called today and was told that the majority of the letters have already gone out, but my letter won't be going out til early next week.

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    Sounds right. I was told the beginning track letters were mailed and the career ladder was waiting for administration approval. Whatever that's supposed to mean.
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    I am beginning track.
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    I got a letter today and it said the cutoff was 121. Good luck to all of you!
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    Beginning or career?
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    Beginning cutoff was 121, guy I talked to yesterday told me that.
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    Does anyone know what the cutoff was for the career ladder track?
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    I have no clue but I'm so nervous about this whole thing!!
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    Grrrrr, still nothing.
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    Me either. I'm hoping for tomorrow.

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