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Hello All! Anyone else applying for Rose's beginning track RN program for Spring 2013? Just wanted to see who all was in the same boat as me.... Read More

  1. by   Cwhitney731
    Quote from Josh1183
    I don't want to rain on anyones parade but the cutoff for the past two years has been 130+ and with the new additions to the point system, that number is bound to increase. It would be nice if for some reason the number was that low but I just don't see it. Anywho, good luck to everyone that applied! Update as you get your letters in Nov!
    This is true it not yet... As of right now MOST people don't know there are other options to get more points, per Denise Haught, eventually probably by next year this will be 100 percent accurate
  2. by   Lizardyells
    For the career ladder folks.............My husband called the nursing department today and spoke with the secretary. He states that the career ladder students have not been selected yet. Meaning, they are still deciding on who has been accepted and that acceptance letters will go out around Thanksgiving. The first of the two skills refresher courses starts November 30th. That is a tight squeeze for those who are accepted.
    Best wishes to you all!
  3. by   Lizardyells
    I sure was hoping that they had beat their deadline............oh well!
  4. by   LovelyOverload
    Quote from Lizardyells
    I sure was hoping that they had beat their deadline............oh well!
    How many points did you have?
  5. by   AmberNic0Le
    Has anyone gotten a letter yet? Called today and was told that the majority of the letters have already gone out, but my letter won't be going out til early next week.
  6. by   traumanut
    Sounds right. I was told the beginning track letters were mailed and the career ladder was waiting for administration approval. Whatever that's supposed to mean.
  7. by   AmberNic0Le
    I am beginning track.
  8. by   Leslye3404
    I got a letter today and it said the cutoff was 121. Good luck to all of you!
  9. by   traumanut
    Beginning or career?
  10. by   AmberNic0Le
    Beginning cutoff was 121, guy I talked to yesterday told me that.
  11. by   LovelyOverload
    Does anyone know what the cutoff was for the career ladder track?
  12. by   AmberNic0Le
    I have no clue but I'm so nervous about this whole thing!!
  13. by   traumanut
    Grrrrr, still nothing.