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Just wondering if anyone has any info on the career ladder track at Rose State. I am a LPN and applying for the first time to the RN program. So far I have 96 points and I am going to take my compass... Read More

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    Thank goodness! I got a call Thursday informing me that my request to be transferred from traditional day to online was accepted, so I'm officially all set up for that. It's a huge relief to me and my husband, who weren't sure how we were going to make that days clinical schedule work.
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    Zombie, glad you all got it worked out! Now that you don't have to worry about that, you can be excited! I know I am!
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    Hi, I'm staring at Rose in Fall, Traditional track. Very excited, but also Very nervous!!! Has anyone heard from them about your enrollement on Aug 8th? I understand they will be contacting us to give us a specific time to enroll.
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    I just received my enrollment time this afternoon. Just curious if anyone knows how long each enrollment appointment is? The secretary told me several weeks ago, but I forgot! Just wondering if they're 5, 10, or 15 minute increments because my appointment is at 8:55AM... so I'm curious how far down the list I am. lol
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    My time is 10:20 but I am in the career ladder track.
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    I didnt know they did online this time around...bummmmer. I would have taken that since I will have the baby. But i will probably have better success in class. I am looking forward to meeting eveeryone... I will be the "about to fall over" pregnant one haha.
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    Very happy, I got the clinical group I was hoping for!

    Now we just have orientation on the 14th and then classes start.
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    Will someone please tell me: when and where are clinicals? Curious to know if a car is necessary Thanks.
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    xlovehappyx Are you starting the program or planning for when you get in? I would say that a car is necessary for sure, but depends? The clinical schedule was inclued in the packet. Good Luck!