RN programs in Oklahoma

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    I am wondering if anyone has advice or any info about RN programs in Oklahoma where you can get your Associates in Nursing. I do not have my LPN. Any help or suggestions would be great.. thank you!

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    Which area of Oklahoma? Like OKC or Tulsa or wherever?
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    Sorry- Tulsa area if possible!!
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    1. University of Oklahoma (Tulsa campus)
    2. TCC
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    Commuter- Thank you very much!
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    Associate degree programs in Tulsa area are TCC, RSU - in Claremore, Connors in Muskogee ( they have an awesome pass rate), OSU Institute of Technology in Okmulgee ( not a bad drive, that is where I am going and drive from Tulsa) I think that is about it for associate programs. BSN programs in Tulsa are OU-Tulsa, TU, ORU, and Langston University.
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    Zephr- How many days do you have to drive to Okmulgee?

    Thank you so much for all your info I appreciate it a lot. Is OU tulsa suppose to be really good?
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    Currently I drive 4 days a week, when I start the RN program in August I imagine it will be about the same. They also have dorms on campus (family and single) that you can live in if needed.
    OU Tulsa is a really good program from what I hear ( I have also worked with nurses that graduated from there) it is a BSN program and I am applying to finish My RN-BSN after I graduate from OSU. Not sure how hard it is to get into though. I do know that grades are really important and most people who get in have a science GPA of 3.5 or higher and overall GPA of 3.5 as well.
    Are you moving or just moved to Tulsa?
    Good luck!
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    Oh wow thank you that isn't too bad. I actually currently live in B'ville and am going to school to get my Bachelors in Business Administration with health care and then wanted to go through nursing school. How are you liking the program there? Thank you for everything! Good luck to you as well!
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    I like OSU! Teachers seem to really care about their students classes are small and everyone gets to know everyone! I like a lot of people that are starting with me in the program! So it helps! Since you are getting your Bachelors in Health Care admin you may want to seek out OU Tulsa. They have an 18 month accelerated program for people that have a bachelors in another field. I knew a girl who did that and she said it is very intense, but if you commit can do it! OU Tulsa website has info about it and all the classes you need to get accepted!

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