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I am wondering if anyone has advice or any info about RN programs in Oklahoma where you can get your Associates in Nursing. I do not have my LPN. Any help or suggestions would be great.. thank you!... Read More

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    Thank you so much for all the info you have been extremely helpful and I greatly appreciate it!!! Good luck w/ the nursing and that is awesome that the classes are like that and especially if people in there that you like is a total bonus! Let me know how things go and I will check out OU! Did your friend like the program?

    Again- Thank you so much!

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    AshDoll -

    Your welcome! It really does help to get information from the people then the schools sometimes. (obviously the schools are biased!) I am so fortunate that I found this site! I have gotten a lot of info off here about specialties, programs ect..
    Yes, my friend did like the program she said totally intense but it really was worth it! If I had my bachelors in something else that is the route I would had taken!
    I will let you know how OSU is going! I am so excited to have been accepted to a program, and I feel very blessed to have been chosen out of the all the qualified applicants. We accepted 30 and I was told well over 100 apps!

    I wish you well on your education! Good Luck on whatever school you to choose to go to!
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    I start my Junior year with University of Tulsa BSN program. It is an expensive program but they have a lot of scholarships and grants. I start Med Surg and Labor Delivery next semester. You should look at some of the BSN programs too.
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    Does anyone know about the RN Program at Redlands Community College in El Reno? If so I would really like to know about the Pre-Reqs if I could take them online and if so what site?
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    Z- Thank you so much. Congrats again on being accepted I hope you enjoy the nursing program and learn a lot please do keep me updated! thank you for input and your opinion as well- I agree with ya it is always great to get info from other people and this site is perfect for it!! I am thinking I might just take that route as soon as I am done with my bachelors. Thank you for the blessings- hope you do well and have a wonderful journey!! GO OSU! lol
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    Do you know If they have a accelerated program? I will check it out if they do!
    Good luck on your studies!
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    I think they have RN-BSN and traditional BSN but you can contact them to find out about accelerated.
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    If you live in B'ville you should look into RSU. They have a great nursing program. It is only an Associates, but you can then bridge to get your BSN after... OU has an accelerated program for people who already have a Bach. degree, but it is EXTREMELY competitive as they only take like 30 students per year and it is based on your overall GPA from all colleges attended. At RSU they only base acceptance on your grades in your pre-reqs (A&P, Dosage Calc, Biology, Comp, and college exp). They have a program in B'ville as well as Claremore and they accept approx 75 students per year.

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