Possibly relocating.. Best area for rural job-OR specialty.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Just looking for some advice, I'm currently an OR nurse living in the midwest in OH. My husband and I are thinking about the possibility of relocating to OK. We are looking for a rural area, property with 20+ acres, and an outdoors lifestyle. I'll have around 2 years of OR RN experience if we decide to relocate. Does anyone have any suggestions on recruiters/areas to look into? We are a completely blank slate and are just starting to research. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   sjalv
    There are many rural areas within an hour of Tulsa, such as Skiatook, Collinsville, Sperry, and large swaths of land between these towns and the city. I'm not sure about OR jobs specifically but there is no shortage of jobs for nurses in the Tulsa area, especially for someone with experience. If you were wanting to work closer to home, you're going to be limited to small towns like the ones I mentioned and I am honestly not sure what the job scene is like for a specific specialty like surgery. I know that wasn't very informative but I just wanted you to know you should be able to find a housing opportunity like the one you want within an hour of Tulsa, where finding a job won't be an issue if you don't mind the commute.
  4. by   chili514
    Thank you so much for the response. Unfortunately with most ORs, there is a 30 minute response time (at least in my experience). I wouldn't mind the commute working 3 12s with no call but that's not possible in surgery. Hopefully I may find a rural hospital with an opening.
  5. by   jenrninmi
    What makes you want to come to Oklahoma? Just curious. I'd love to move back to the Midwest.
  6. by   Nursepants
    Look into Wagoner Community Hospital. They have OR openings and it is a rural area.
  7. by   chili514
    Thanks for the suggestion! It’s been a task trying to find the rural feel with good Land prices close enough to a hospital with OR positions.
  8. by   Nursepants
  9. by   chili514
    We've put the move on hold until next fall due to financial/career reasons. So far we are leaning towards Ada or mcalester. Seems Ada has a lot that we are looking for. Plan on visiting this spring and checking out the area and hospitals to solidify the decision.

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