Pay raise Tulsa area?

  1. Ok, so I know that apparently RN's around the Tulsa area hospitals make around $18/hr. That seems so low, but I plan on working around there (want St. John's). Can anyone tell me if that rate goes UP? And how long does it take once you're there for a better pay rate?
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  3. by   2bRnKim
    That rate is for new grads in the Tulsa area and does not include any shift diffs.

  4. by   R*Star*RN
    I was offered $19 an hour with a $4/hr shift differential (new grad)
  5. by   AmiSueRN
    That's a fair estimate for new grad starting pay. HOWEVER, keep in mind, that does not include shift differential and most hospitals will pay for any previous medical experience (LPN, CNA, etc...).
    Most hospitals offer clinical ladders after about a year which you can apply for as well. With most giving some type of raise after 1 year. There are also sign-on bonuses and other things to factor in...
  6. by   eatcake
    Shift diffs and all, the pay is still not up to par. They keep saying "The cost of living is so much cheaper", cheaper then where? sure Ca and a few other places. Housing is cheeper, but in the long run the cost of living is not. I moved here earlier this year, am making $7.00 less a hour (YES My BASE PAY). Food is not any cheeper, car ins is double, state tax more, house ins. triple with less house. It equals out the same, the cost of living, but I am making that much less.