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hello all, i will apply in the fall of 2009 at ou to hopefully start in june 2010. are there any students (present or past) that know what gpa will be needed to be competitive? thanks, ... Read More

  1. by   ashdoll
    Thank you amy and good luck!
  2. by   justwaitingfornow
    Hi there new students! I'm currently in the program as well, and it has been great. I can't believe we will graduate in about 3 months, the time has flown by!! I'd be happy to answer any more questions about specific parts of what we do or how we do it. I know I was dying to know how the program worked before we started, and couldn't really find much info on OU's website. I didn't work during the program, but honestly don't think it would have been impossible. I had a lot of free time actually (mostly because I didn't go to class unless it was lab or clinical or a test). Some students kind of let school take over their entire lives, and that's cool for them, but I also like to spend a lot of time with my family, so I haven't studied as much as I probably should. I still have between a 3.5-3.75 though so it IS possible to complete this program AND have a life!! For those worried about the financial aspect, student loans paid for everything for me. In regards to books, they're expensive like any other university. I think the book package at the first of the year was $1100. And it was cheaper than buying them individually. Some of them I use a lot, and some not so much, but that just depends on how you like to study. We also had another book package this spring which was maybe $400?? I can't remember!! I don't know if people sell their books, I probably will if I can. I haven't heard about anyone sharing them though, you use them a lot at home for reference when doing care plans as well as studying. There aren't many breaks. We had about a month over Christmas, but had a class to complete online. We also had a few days for fall break and a couple for Thanksgiving, and spring break off as well. The instructors are wonderful & I am really going to miss them!! Anyway, like I said, I'd be happy to answer any questions from those of you who recently got accepted. Congrats!!!

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    I got in and I am looking forward to seeing you at orientation. I see that Tulsa has their orientation listed as April 21! So early! I hope OKC doesn't do the same, I don't really want to leave Germany before May 1. So, talk to me about text books, what do you recommend? I saw that they will be selling a package and that you can also purchase separately. I of course want to save money where I can, but I don't want to give myself a headache while I am at it. Do most people keep books, sell them to the next year if they are being used, or what? What do you think you have spent on books so far? I know we just traded around with friends when I did my bachelors, but what is the best for this program. Also, any other advice?
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    Justwaitingfornow - thanks for your post! I'm applying this fall for the summer 2011 start, and even though it's so far away yet, I already have questions! Did you get private student loans or federal? Did you have other income or ways your financial needs were met (spouse, living with parents, etc.) since you didn't work, or did you get loans to cover living expenses as well? I can't afford to quit my job unless I can get loans that will equal my income+the cost of the program since my husband doesn't make enough to keep us afloat.

    Did you use any electronic materials? I know a lot of schools have quick reference software packages for iphone or blackberry now that they require students to buy just like textbooks...did you use anything like that? Did you find it necessary/helpful?

    If you attended the Tulsa campus - How were your clinicals? Where were they? What times (day/night/weekend)? Did you have any input into when and where? How were your instructors, overall? Organized?

    Have you been looking for jobs? I've heard that OU's aBSN students are recruited pretty heavily and usually have job offers before graduation...I know Oklahoma still has a relatively good market, but some of the stuff I read on AllNurses has me a little concerned, even though I work at a hospital now and have good connections with nurse managers. A lot can change in the 2-3 years it will take me to get through the application process and program, assuming I'm accepted the first try.

    If you don't mind answering, what was your GPA when you got accepted? Do you know what was about average for your accepted classmates?

    I'm sure I'll come up with more questions later.
  4. by   justwaitingfornow
    juliaann -
    I got LOTS of loans! You have to fill out a FAFSA from the government, then the school sends you a list of what loans you can get. I got a subsidized federal loan for about $5000, one unsubsidized federal loan for $7000, a small tuition waiver ($500 a semester), a scholarship ($8000) for entire program, and then a huge private loan (like $30,000). Previously I made about 30K a year, so I had plenty for the program as well as all my living expenses. I probably could have taken a lot less but my spouse and I had both been laid off prior to the start of school so we were behind on some things, and I had to support both of us with my loans while he looked for work. Most people I know just got enough loans to cover everything. It will suck to pay them back forever, but it shouldn't be that much each month, and there are loan forgiveness programs for nurses who work in certain areas or hospitals. It was worth it to have the money to rely on so I didn't have to worry about how I was going to pay rent, car payment, etc while trying to get through school.

    Most of our classes were online, and so we use computers constantly. Some of our tests are online but most are pencil/paper. I don't know of anyone that used apps for phones, and honestly our clinical instructors don't want us using our phone in clinicals (which is the only place you would ever need something like that anyway). I sometimes did google things during lunch if I needed to know something specific.

    I am at the OKC campus but I think clinicals are pretty much the same everywhere. All of ours were during day shift (6:30-3pm). Summer we had 2 days a week, Fall we had 1, Spring we had 2 again. We kind of got more choice the farther along in clinicals we got. I have been picking my rotations all semester, which is nice. You usually also have the choice of locations.

    Just started looking for jobs, the only downside to this ABSN program is that all the hospitals have hired a lot of the new grads from the traditional program that ends in May so they might not be doing a lot of hiring in August. But we are only competing with the 30 somehitng people in our group so that helps.
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    thanx for the information, very helpful!

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