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Opportunities for new grad LPN

  1. 0 Hi!

    I recently graduated from a LPN program and am planning on relocating to either OK or another state. Are there many opportunities for new grad LPNs in Oklahoma or am I better off relocating to a state?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Saint Anthony still hires LPN's and I think Midwest City Regional Hospital does as well (not that I would ever work for them though). Of course you also have your LTC and home health LPNs jobs too. Some psych facilities hire LPNs too (Cedar Ridge, etc).

    Good luck
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    I am attending an LPN-to-RN program in Oklahoma City. Everyone in the program is an LPN bridging to RN.

    Several of my classmates work in the emergency department at Logan Medical Center in Guthrie. One of my classmates works as a surgical scrub technician at Baptist Medical Center. I have completed some clinical rotations at Deaconess Hospital and saw no LPNs working there. Also, the University of Oklahoma Medical Center only hires RNs.

    The nursing homes and home health agencies are always looking for LPNs. The major drawback to being an Oklahoma LPN is the low pay. I live in Texas and am paid reasonably well as an LPN/LVN while enjoying a low cost of living. The rents, food prices, and house prices are similar in Oklahoma, yet the LPNs there earn $5 to $7 less per hour than their counterparts south of the state line.
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    Hillcrest in Tulsa has a few LPN positions available- mostly cardiac or renal
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    VA in OKC hires LPNs. I see alot advertisement for private duty with Personal Nursing Care. Children's Center in Bethany too.
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    Southcrest and St. Francis in Tulsa, OK will hire LPN's, especially Laureate if you're into psych nursing.
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    Howdee, I might be relocating to Tulsa, OK, I'm currently a LPN with 5 yrs experience. Its dishearting to hear about the low pay... I'm currently at the University of Phoenix in thier LPN to BSN problem. I have one more year left. I noticed that UO-Tulsa has a LPN to BSN program too, but I'll be missing the cut off date (it is sept 1st.) But I was wondering what is the pay rate for a LPN with my experience, M/S, Step down ICU, ER.. What is the scope of practice for an LPN in OK? I'm currenly living in Phx,AZ.
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    One of my really good friends in the BSN program with me at OU Tulsa, well her sister is an LPN, has been for about 8 years, her peak pay has been $20hr and for her that includes hospitals, ltc, snf, etc. This is in the Tulsa area. Sorry I don't have more info.
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    I just graduated w/ my LPN and am working on my RN now, so I'll only be working as an LPN for about 6mo or so, but...

    St. Anthony, VA, Deaconess, Midwest Regional, and Baptist (sometimes) all hire LPN's. There are lots of other smaller/specialty hospitals that hire LPN's. I think the hospitals all start around $12-14/hr for new grads.

    Starting pay for new grads in long term care is about $18-20/hr.
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    I passed my NCLEX PN August 13 and started work at a rural nursing home August 18. I started at $15.00/hour. I also want to continue to get my RN ( I precepted at an ER and I looooved it ) but I also needed the money,and nursing homes do pay better than med/surge.

    It seems low compared to city,but when OKC is over an hour and Tulsa is nearly 2 , it works out.
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    Quote from Miss Kitty00
    VA in OKC hires LPNs. I see alot advertisement for private duty with Personal Nursing Care. Children's Center in Bethany too.
    Hello, I was wondering if you knew anything about the childrens center in bethany as far as lpn jobs are concerned, and what the pay would be? I will be graduating lpn school in the next 6 months.. I am then going straight into the RN school of the third semester at occc... I am wondering if they could just let me work weekends? Thanks

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    i have a question, do lpn usually work at nursing homes, only? is that the place iwth the most job opening?
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    All depends on what state you live in, here in AZ, Phx really that all the hospitals have stopped hiring LPNs. I'm lucky as I'm in school to get my RN. But here all the LPNs are being forced into Nursing Homes or home health.

    Quote from pajnra
    i have a question, do lpn usually work at nursing homes, only? is that the place iwth the most job opening?