Oklahoma Endorsement warning

  1. Just to let those Know that if you plan on moving to the state of Oklahoma by endorsement and have any type of criminal history, then plan on at least ONE year to pass before you get your license approved, Also it does not matter how long it has been 10-20-30 years does not matter you will invest a slight bit over 2,000.00 of your money to pay for fees, classes and exams and U/A's even though you have been a good nurse in your state for many, MANY years with out any problems at all!!!

    The board of nursing here is as slow as molasses on a cold day! No information will be told to you when you apply so that is the main reason i am posting this is to warn people that are thinking of coming here, think again!

    My suggestion is to call them weekly to get them to move faster on getting your approval.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I endorsed into Oklahoma without a criminal history and received my permanent license in about a month. The OBN also returns my phone calls within 24 hours, which is actually prompter than any other board of nursing that I have ever dealt with.
  4. by   Toradol
    Update to my statement of warning Is since getting approved and working with other nurses I have found out that others that have endorsed to OK with squeaky clean records have also been subject to long waiting periods the fastest so far has been 6 Months!

    One nurse has good standing Nursing license in 4 other states and took her almost 7 months to get her approval, and her record is clean.

    It was told to me this state takes the longest of any other state to process your endorsement application, according to others that have applied to more than one state for endorsement.

    Just be aware that this process of Endorsement can take you several months to get approved, just want to inform people. Do not believe the 2 week statement on the application for endorsement.
  5. by   eatcake
    Why does this surprise me? In a state where nurses are considered a "dime a dozen" easily replaced by anybody going thru a local tech school. (of coarse they need a RN to sign off to make it look legit)
  6. by   tmartin83
    just submitted my endorsement application today. i hope and pray that it comes soon, as it determines when i will be able to start my job :-/

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