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Hello all...I'm fairly new to this site and I finally figured out how to post messages..Yay!!...:yeah:...Anyway, I received a phone call today stating I've been accepted into Oklahoma City University's fall 2010 BSN program..How... Read More

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    Hello Doulajen,I'm not trying to scare you or anything, but I'm going to have to agree with okcu.alumni. The program is survivable, but that wasn't the case for me. I was actually kicked out of the program summer 2011, with only a year to go. I was kicked out because of a C-. The program itself wasn't hard, for me it was more the exams in Adult Health I that gave me hell. That class actually gave a lot of students hell, not just me. And it's true that they take more students than they can bear, making it hard for the students who need help get accurate one to one attention/ tutoring.Now that I've been given the boot, I now have loan debt up to the sky with no degree. I honestly feel like they don't care about the students. They only seem to care about two things, their NCLEX pass rates and you getting your tuition paid. That's just my two cents on that! I am now enrolled in LPN school and will be transitioning into an RN program fall 2013. It was a minor setback for me, but I didn't let it keep me down. My advice to you is to study as much as you can and if you're having trouble with anything get help as soon as you can. Good luck to you and don't let the negative comments make you think negative about the program. Just stay focused and you should be fine.

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    Hi FutureNurse 1982! Be glad you transferred when you did! They were weeding students out like crazy this semester. I saw students literally broke down from all the pressure due to the NCLEX pass rates. Some of the students actually was so dissatisfied that they went to the university president to speak to him. The Dean was none too please with this and sent a letter to all of the senior class regarding this, calling the people "cowards." She believed in the " gift of failure," as stated in her letter. Due to the low NCLEX pass rate from c/o 2011, they are much harder on everyone than ever before.

    In the beginning, I was really satisfied with the school, everyone was nice and helpful. Then boom we have a new program called the Gateway Program, that had caused a major ruckus! They accepted way too many students ( our class consist of ~ 150 students) and not enough professors. Some professors and I am not saying all, has a short fuse when asking questions in class, they will comment back with something sarcastic. A student asked, " should we be afraid of the next test because the first test was really hard?" The professors response to this, " you better be scared!"

    All in all, I managed to graduate but it was a long and hard ride. I am not telling everyone here not to enroll to this program but giving my opinion on it. If you study hard and really focus, you can do it. Do not only study from power points as they are not as helpful, you have to read the book over and over again. Please please keep in mind that tuition is not cheap and very expensive so make sure no matter what you will try and succeed and graduate.

    For the one's who just got accepted, congratulations. I will give you all a helpful suggestion, get the book "fundamentals success" for your foundations course.

    Have faith, be determined, and you will succeed! Good luck to all incoming class =)

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